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Cayce’s Insights Link Ear Infection with Anemia

by Debra Anastasio
Student Intern, A.R.E. Clinic

Debra Anastasio

I first became interested in Edgar Cayce’s remedies a few years ago when I began my training as a Naturopathic physician. Most recently, I have completed some clinical training at the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and have learned about the Cayce remedies first-hand. I purchased some reference material and began studying the remedies. In doing so, I made an interesting connection between a Naturopathic protocol for otitis media (a middle ear infection) and Cayce’s readings on collapsed eustachian tubes.

The Cayce readings explained that the underlying related condition was anemia. Further research revealed seven cases associating anemia with collapsed eustachian tubes.

I have used Ferrum phosphoricum tissue salts many times for treating early signs of otitis media with fever, but I never fully understood why it worked. This cell salt, also known as Phosphate of Iron, is typically used for the restorative treatment of anemia, but why should this work for ear infections? Suddenly, it became clear to me. Cayce’s readings linked anemia to collapsed eustachian tubes, which are commonly found in cases of otitis media.

This detailed view of the inner ear shows a blocked or collapsed eustachian tube. According to Edgar Cayce, an earache (otitis media) can occur when excessive acidity lowers immune response, and anemia weakens the the eustachian tubes. This model helps to explain the chronic earches experienced by many young children. Castor oil drops in the ear is common remedy for earache used at the A.R.E. Clinic.

The passage that best explains this is: “There being a tendency for a lack of resistance produced by excess acidity, and an inclination and a weakness in the blood supply forces from an anemia to the sensory forces, we have broken down — or have a collapsing of the Eustachian tubes.” [657–4] The key words here are: acidity, anemia, and collapsed eustachian tubes. It is possible that these three things combine in most cases of otitis media.

A condition of anemia may create a weakness in the eustachian tubes, and acidity in the body results in increased mucous production. Collapsed eustachian tubes trap mucous and debris near the middle ear. The middle ear becomes a ripe environment for bacteria to grow and cause an infection.

Given this correlation, I have synthesized (from several sources) a treatment plan encompassing all of the elements of importance. The plan would consist of alkalinizing the body by eating more fruits and vegetables — including, perhaps, liberal intake of lemon water — osteopathic manipulation of the eustachian tubes, Ferrum phosphoricum 6x, and spinal manipulation for misalignments or fixations. An old A.R.E. Clinic remedy is to add a drop or two of castor oil to each ear before bedtime. This is particularly helpful for improving lymphatic drainage and enhancing the immune response. These treatments combined are exceptionally helpful in curing the present symptoms and will help overcome the systemic nature of the disorder.

Of particular interest to me, as a new mother and future doctor, is the potential for a better and more comprehensive treatment of recurrent ear infections in children. The conventional treatment for recurrent otitis media is to perform a surgical myringotomy (inserting tubes in the ears) and/or long-term use of antibiotics to prevent future infections. This form of treatment is invasive, may produce unwanted side-effects, and it is expensive. I would prefer a more gentle approach for children, and believe that it is more sensible to treat childhood otitis media by correcting acidity and anemia in the system.

The key words here are: acidity, anemia, and collapsed eustachian tubes.

Babies often become anemic from 6 to 12 months of age without exhibiting the usual adult signs of anemia. Anemia may develop from inadequate intake of folate, B12 or iron. Dietary iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia in babies. Breastfed babies are supplied these vitamins and minerals based on the mothers’ dietary intake and the health of her blood. Iron-fortified commercial formulas are also available. The best way to detect anemia is by laboratory blood testing.

However, babies fed commercial formula tend to be exposed to higher sugar (carbohydrate) intake compared to breast milk, which can increase acidity. Toddlers are often carbohydrate ‘junkies,’ eating primarily bread, cereal, crackers, cookies, and pasta. Carbohydrates will cause the body to become acidic unless they are balanced by an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables. Remember, acidity combined with anemia becomes the foundation for developing collapsed eustachian tubes and subsequent otitis media.

I have always thought that prevention is the best medicine. Parents should pay attention to their children’s basic nutrition. Children should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to counteract acidity, and iron supplementation is available if needed. Many experts agree that mothers should breastfeed their babies whenever possible, while properly caring for themselves in the process. This involves getting plenty of rest, minimizing stress, eating so that there is adequate nutrition and calories for milk production, and continuing their prenatal vitamins until the baby is fully weaned from breast milk.

I’m very happy to have had the experience of this internship at the A.R.E. Clinic. I have found that Cayce’s readings have considerable depth, yet the medical concepts may be easily discerned and applied in a variety of circumstances. I know that there is more to discover in the readings, and I look forward to many future insights.

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