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True Healing of the Body

by William A. McGarey, MD
Staff Physician (Ret.), A.R.E. Clinic

Dr. McGarey

Edgar Cayce’s readings pointed out the exquisite nature of what we are dealing with when we attempt to bring about healing of the body. What is our true nature and our relationship with God? He told one man that,

“In the beginning, when there was the creating, or the calling of individual entities into being, we were made to be the companions with the Father-God.” [1567–2]

The Biblical story tells it like this:

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27)

Cayce drew a picture that spoke of us as eternal beings, originating in a spiritual realm and having our ultimate destiny in that same dimension. In the interim, we pass through many incarions here in the earth plane, experiencing and learning — often on an up and down course — more about why we are here.

“True healing can be accomplished only when the spiritual nature of the human being is recognized as divine…”

He spoke often about each of us as a body-mind-spirit unity, indicating that true healing is always marked by an awakening process deep within the cells, the atoms, and the consciousness of our entire being.

It seemed to me, as I studied these readings, that I was being told that I must strive for something really different in working with my patients. Instead of simply diagnosing, or waiting for a disease to become obvious, and then treating that disease — as we were taught in medical school — I must instead help that individual to move forward in his adventure in consciousness to that point where he begins to awaken his own healing forces to bring about balance, peace, and soul growth inside his body. It involves his body, his mind, and that life essence of himself which we simply call “spirit.”

We need to ask the question, “What is true healing?” The field of medicine is not a true healing profession — not as it exists today. How much credence is given in medical schools, for instance, to the existence of a divine influence in the healing process — or for its effect on the physical body? Chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy, physical therapy, acupuncture — some of these are closer, but do not teach with certainty the unity of each individual as an eternal being, as body, mind, and spirit. Yet each of the healing traditions provide the groundwork for individual practitioners in exceeding the limits of their teachings and finding more about the nature of true healing.

True healing can be accomplished only when the spiritual nature of the human being is recognized as divine; when the mind of the one in need is activated (either from within or without) to put into action concepts of healing in his/her own body; and when the body is treated in such a manner that physiological abnormalities are restored to normal. A change in consciousness must come about; a new direction in life must be established — in other words, a divine happening must occur within the consciousness of the cells and atoms of the body itself.

We must look at each fellow human being as created by God in His image; having a mind that is the builder; and a body resultant from the mind being active and creative, using the Spirit as the force of creation itself. This is the story that has been available in the Edgar Cayce material since he started giving readings early this century, nearly nine decades ago.

Such an approach can be adopted by a medical doctor, an osteopath, a chiropractor, a naturopath, an acupuncturist, a homeopath, or by any individual who has prepared himself through study and application to be a member of the larger community of individuals who are seeking to help others regain their health.

Perhaps that’s the reason Cayce was able to offer help, leading to restoration of normal health, given to most any individual who came to him for assistance.

For instance, following a concept, we understand that each of us is body-mind-spirit in our essence as individual beings. So how do we begin to see the Spirit as entering into the healing process? First, we must agree that healing is always a process involving time. Whether it takes a word from the Christ — a moment in time — to bring Lazarus back into the physical world, or diligent use of the Wet Cell appliance, helping a multiple sclerosis patient back toward health over a period of several years. No matter how much time it takes, the world is fashioned so that every event is measured in terms of time. Everything in this world is, in a real sense, process.

“In the Edgar Cayce readings, the Spirit is seen as the God Force abundantly manifesting in the human body.”

What about the Spirit, then? In the Edgar Cayce readings, the Spirit is seen as the God Force abundantly manifesting in the human body. There would be no life, no creation of mankind without the Spirit — in fact, without God manifesting in this dimension as electricity or electronic power, there would be no earth, no plants, no stones, rocks, trees, animals, no atoms to hold these things together. There were none of these things in existence before the earth was brought into being. Jesus spoke to God of “the glory I had with thee before the world was.” (John 17:5) A glory that we have difficulty even imagining. Jesus was alive in the spiritual dimension, experiencing that glory before the world came into being — and He indicated that we were there too, before time began.

The Cayce readings, likewise, say that our bodies are the temples of the Living God.

The spirit dwells therein and is part of every activity we experience. And we are promised oneness with God, as Jesus claimed for himself, as the result of our following the path of light, of soul growth, of a kind of enlightenment. For Jesus said that all that He has done, we can do also. Of course, there are rules. Not many, perhaps, but highly significant. The top of the list: Learn how to Love God and our fellow man.

That’s where we might start, then, for each of us is subject to the laws of the earth, which, when broken, cause distress, dis-ease, and actual illness of the body. We can choose a health care professional who seeks the path of light and love, or keep on rebelling. And then thank God for the results we bring into being.

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