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The Radio-Active Appliance: Attunement for Body, Mind, & Spirit

by Scott Grady, CHt
Research & Education, A.R.E. Clinic

Scott Grady

You may have heard of the Radio-Active Appliance (RAA). It is one of the most intriguing health aids developed in the course of the Cayce readings. Somehow, with its simple circuitry, it empowers its user with healing and regenerative energies for the body, mind, and spirit. It is a truly unique holistic healing device.

How can it do this? The key is attunement. As I understand it, the RAA filters out the weakening signals produced by confusion and stress, thereby reinforcing the signals of the Creative Forces or divine influences within us. So, within minutes of use, people typically report an increase in physical relaxation, mental clarity, and an increased sense of higher spiritual vibration. Cayce even said that as a person's vibrations are raised and made more harmonious, the days on which the device is used may seem like “lucky” days.

The RAA was used in many readings for the healing of illness, mostly as a means of reducing tension, balancing glandular function, and improving circulation. Cayce recommended this device for the relief of arthritis, epilepsy, memory loss, and more. He even said that the RAA could, in time, bring about complete regeneration of the entire body, including the brain.

The Radio-Active Appliance kit comes with a booklet by Joseph Myers. Users who wish to treat illnesses may wish to purchase the optional solution jar kit.

Of course, you don't have to be ill to use the Radio-Active Appliance. You just have to possess the desire to improve your life.

Instructions for Using the Radio-Active Appliance

In its 75 year history, the Radio-Active Appliance has gone by many names. It has been known variously as the Radial-Active Appliance, the Impedance Device, the Ice Appliance, and more. These different names all refer to the same simple design given in the Cayce readings.

The Radio-Active Appliance is easy to use. Set it in a bucket of ice water and let it cool. Then attach the two electrodes to your body - one to your wrist, the other to the opposite ankle. As you take the treatment, spend about 30 minutes gently focusing your thoughts upon things that are spiritually uplifting. You can meditate, listen to relaxing music, read scripture, or say healing affirmations. Then detach the electrodes, dump out the ice water, and you are done!

One final, important note about this exceptional healing tool is that each device can only be used by a single person. This is because the carbon steel rods of each device attune themselves to the vibrations of the first user. Because of this characteristic, we regret to say that once our Radio-Active Appliances are sold they cannot be returned.

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