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Index for 1999
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September/October 1999 issue -

Sleep: The Sixth Sense
Scott Grady examines the role of sleep as a spiritual sense that affects the mind and body of the sleeper.

Regenerating the Body with the Wet Cell Appliance
Scott Grady compares and contrasts the Wet Cell with the Radio-Active Appliance.

July/August 1999 issue -

True Healing of the Body
Dr. William McGarey asks, can true healing occur without a recognition of the Divine in self?

Cayce's Insights Link Ear Infection with Anemia
Debra Anastasio, a naturopathic student intern at the ARE Clinic, explains the origin of earaches and their treatment.

The Healing Nature of Watermelon Seed Tea
Dr. Ellen Satinsky, an ARE Clinic staff physician, gives a commentary on the uses of a great Cayce remedy: watermelon seed tea.

The Radio-Active Appliance:
Attunement for Body, Mind, & Spirit

Scott Grady provides an introduction to a truly unique holistic healing device developed in Edgar Cayce's readings.

The Riddle of the Second Sphinx
Scott Grady wonders, could there be a second large sphinx at Giza?

May/June 1999 issue -

The Egyptian Sphinx: A Mystery of Mysteries
Scott Grady shares the fascinating story of Edgar Cayce and the great Sphinx of Egypt. What forgotten treasures lie beneath the sands of time?

Update on the Desert Chaparral Bush
Dr. William A. McGarey takes a look at this humble desert shrub, which may have amazing curative powers.

March/April 1999 issue -

Let's Take a Look at Our Attitudes
Dr. Bill McGarey examines the role played by our attitudes in life and health.

Alternating Douches of Atomidine & Glycothymoline
Dr. Ann L. Manby, an ARE Clinic staff physician, discusses the use of a Cayce remedy for the treatment of diseases or disorders of the female reproductive system.

The Mysterious Pyramids of China
Scott Grady tells us of an ancient civilization that Edgar Cayce said once existed in the Gobi desert. Could the pyramids recently found in China be from this lost civilization?

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