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Applying Cayce Medicine

Since its founding in 1970, the A.R.E. Clinic has pursued the research and development of the healing principles given in the Edgar Cayce readings. As a result of our investigations, we've learned a lot about the human body, mind, and spirit - and the healing process - and we would like to share some of these concepts with you!

In this area we will post interesting excerpts from the Cayce readings, our own interpretation of these readings, and show how these principles and practices can bring about a greater state of health for virtually any physical condition.

"Applying Cayce Medicine" is an Internet project endorsed by the A.R.E. Clinic's Educational Outreach Program. Show your support for projects that help people by becoming a member of the A.R.E. Clinic's Healing Circle. For more information about the Healing Circle, click here: A.R.E. Clinic Healing Circle Membership.

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Welcome to the A.R.E. Clinic
The Cayce Corner Online Store Enter the Cayce Corner, and browse through hundreds of Cayce remedies, books, and assorted items.

A.R.E. Clinic's Medical Forum
Are you interested in Cayce's approach to medicine and healing? Sign yourself up on our Yahoo! club for the latest news on the Cayce remedies and related information.

A.R.E. Clinic's Edgar Cayce Forum
Curious about crystals, pyramids, ESP, reincarnation and Atlantis? Join this Yahoo! club and share your questions and ideas about the world beyond.

A.R.E. Clinic Internet Resource List
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New feature: Cayce Cancer Report, by Meridian Institute


Dr. Bill's View of the Universe
A metaphysical view of the universe as described in the Edgar Cayce Readings.

Edgar Cayce's Prayer for Someone with Cancer
Edgar Cayce gave this prayer in a reading for someone with cancer.

Let's Take a Look at Our Attitudes
Dr. Bill McGarey examines the role played by our attitudes in life and health. (From the March/April 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

True Healing of the Body
Can true healing occur without a recognition of the divine in self? (From the July/August 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)


Cayce Medicine
Basic information on Edgar Cayce's medical approach.

Alternating Douches of Atomidine & Glycothymoline
Dr. Ann L. Manby, an ARE Clinic staff physician, discusses the use of a Cayce remedy for the treatment of diseases or disorders of the female reproductive system. (From the March/April 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

Instructions for the Atomidine & Glycothymoline Douche Therapy
Use this simple therapy for relief from female reproductive problems.

Cayce's Insights Link Ear Infection with Anemia
Debra Anastasio, a student intern at the ARE Clinic, explains the origin of earaches and their treatment. (From the July/August 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

The Healing Nature of Watermelon Seed Tea
Dr. Ellen Satinsky, an ARE Clinic staff physician, gives a commentary on the uses of a great Cayce remedy: watermelon seed tea. (From the July/August 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

The Radio-Active Appliance: Attunement for Body, Mind, & Spirit
An introduction to a truly unique holistic healing device developed in Edgar Cayce's readings. (From the July/August 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

The Cayce Arthritis Diet
Dr. Bill McGarey's interpretation of Cayce's diet for relieving arthritis.

The Cayce Cleansing Diet
This is the diet that is often recommended for A.R.E. Clinic patients challenged by severe ailments, such as cancer or kidney failure.

Castor Oil Pack Instructions
People always ask us: "How do you apply a castor oil pack?" Here's how!

Charred Oak Keg Instructions
The Charred Oak Keg is an effective remedy for most respiratory ailments.

Edgar Cayce on the Contruction of the Radio-Active Appliance and the Wet Cell
Though it is not the only reading on this subject, reading #1800-25 is the definitive reading, expecially for construction of the Wet Cell appliance.


Edgar Cayce on Alcoholism & Addictive Tendencies
A reading given for a person with severe alcoholism, probably with some liver damage, gives some insights into the nature of addiction and how to cure it.

Edgar Cayce on ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease/Motor Neuron Disease)
This reading is thought to address the treatment of a motor neuron illness such as ALS.

Edgar Cayce on Arthritis
Cayce's treatments for arthritis really work. Here's an example of what was recommended for one woman.

Edgar Cayce on Cancer of the Prostate Area
This reading, while given for a woman, gives interesting advice about how to treat a cancer that is located in the prostate area.

Edgar Cayce on the Cure for the Common Cold
What did Cayce say about raising the body's resistance to viral infection? Alkalinize!

Edgar Cayce on Depression
Two readings that help clarify the physical and psychological factors behind this common illness.

Edgar Cayce on Diabetes
This reading is one of several giving ideas for the treatment of diabetes.

Edgar Cayce on Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders
This reading for a 12 year old girl gives an example of what Cayce recommended for the treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Edgar Cayce on Lupus
Lupus can be treated successfully with the use of Cayce medicine. Also see A Case History on Lupus Erythematosus.

Edgar Cayce on Migraine Headaches
What causes migraine headaches and how can they be cured? Here are some ideas.

Edgar Cayce on Multiple Sclerosis
Here's a good starting place for anyone researching treatments for multiple sclerosis.

Edgar Cayce on Muscular Dystrophy
A letter from William McGarey, MD, commenting on muscular dystrophy and scleroderma, followed by physical and spiritual advice from the Cayce readings.

Edgar Cayce on Psoriasis
If you have psoriasis, you may be able to use remedies like these to cure it!

Edgar Cayce on Vitiligo
Cayce says that this condition can be relieved, but it takes time.


Castor Oil Packs Relieve Acid Reflux Disease
A 19 year old woman with a severe reaction to gastric reflux finds relief with castor oil pack therapy.

Castor Oil Packs Relieve Acid Reflux Disease - 2
A woman reads the previous testimonial on acid reflux and decides to try it for herself - with excellent results.

Castor Oil Packs Relieve Dog's Ulcerative Colitis
A dog owner uses castor oil packs to heal her ailing pet.

Colonic Therapy Helps with Emphysema
A woman in her 70's uses some of Cayce's recommendations and watches her levels of blood oxygen increase.

Cayce Techniques Give Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
A woman in her 40's uses colonics and castor oil packs to accomplish what the hospital couldn't do.

Cayce Remedies Relieve Vocal Chord Polyp
A man in his 40's uses castor oil packs and the Violet Ray to eliminate his hoarseness and possibly cure his tendency for developing vocal chord polyps.

Cayce Remedies Heal Woman of Lupus
A woman in her 60's uses castor oil packs, Atomidine, and other remedies - including the power of her mind - to overcome the auto-immune disease known as lupus.

This Radio-Active Appliance is Well-Made
A man uses the Radio-Active appliance sold through the ARE Clinic's store, and finds it both effective and exceptionally well-made.


The Oil That Heals
Find out more about the A.R.E. Clinic's #1 home remedy!


Edgar Cayce's Own Astrological Birth Chart
A reading that Cayce gave for himself after his 42nd birthday interprets the meanings of the planetary aspects at his birth. A natal chart is included (an "equal houses" wheel).

Questions asked here include: "Is this information always correct?" "Will this work [channeling] hurt the body?" and "Can this power be used to be of assistance to humanity and also to obtain financial gain?"

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
A 12-part series of Cayce readings on Atlantis. (Six are presently loaded.)

Edgar Cayce on the Aurascope
A very eclectic reading about olive oil, healing scars, singing stones, etheronics ("radionics"), Cayce's design for an Aurascope (a device to enable one to see auras), and the meaning of the number 23.

A second reading detailing the contruction of the Aurascope and an etheronic device has been added.

Edgar Cayce on the Earth Changes
Only one reading on the Earth Changes is posted right now. I have chosen this one as it is generally representative of the style and content of the references to the "breaking up of the earth." If you would like to see more of the references to the Earth Changes, let us know via email.

Edgar Cayce on the Great Pyramid
A highly significant Cayce reading on the Great Pyramid, the 5th root race, the "empty sarcophagus," the Hall of Records located under the Sphinx, and other key concepts.

Edgar Cayce on the White Brotherhood
A brief reading on the ancient mystical "White Brotherhood," the reasons for building the Great Pyramid, and the return of the Messiah in 1998.

The Egyptian Sphinx: A Mystery of Mysteries
The fascinating story of Edgar Cayce and the great Sphinx of Egypt. What forgotten treasures lie beneath the sands of time? (From the May/June 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

The Riddle of the Second Sphinx
Is it possible that there is a second large sphinx at Giza? (From the July/August 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

The Mysterious Pyramids of China
In his trance state, Edgar Cayce spoke of an advanced civilization that existed in ancient China. He said that one day we would find the remains of this great people. Could the pyramids recently found in China be from this civilization? (From the March/April 1999 issue of the ARE Clinic's Pathways to Health.)

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