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Articles from September/October 1999:

Sleep: The Sixth Sense, by Scott Grady, CHt

Regenerating the Body with the Wet Cell Appliance, by Scott Grady, CHt

Regenerating the Body with
the Wet Cell Appliance

by Scott Grady, CHt
Research & Education, A.R.E. Clinic

Scott Grady

As the head of the A.R.E. Clinic’s Research and Eduction departments, I get a lot of questions. One of the questions I hear quite frequently is “what is the difference between the Radio-Active Appliance and the Wet Cell?”

This is a great question! Both devices are aids for the regeneration of the body, and both were recommended by Cayce for a wide range of illnesses. Part of the confusion comes from where Cayce would recommend a Radio-Active Appliance for one person with a particular problem — say, arthritis — then give a Wet Cell for a second person with what appeared to be the same illness. Why did Cayce use one device in one instance and the other device in the other instance?

The answer, I believe, lies in the severity and cause of the individual’s condition. The Radio-Active Appliance is excellent for problems where the body has adequate vitality, yet the mind is creating too much stress. In these cases, the Radio-Active Appliance is very soothing and helps one to calm down, relax any muscle spasms, improve the blood supply and digestion, and make sleep more sound.

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"The Radio-Active Appliance: Attunement for Body, Mind, & Spirit"

The Wet Cell, on the other hand, is for more severe illnesses where the body seems to lack vitality, where there is debilitation, damage, or severe dysfunction. So if an individual had a stroke or arthritis, the question as to whether they should use the Wet Cell or the Radio-Active Appliance would be a question of severity. Relatively minor arthritis or mild effects from a “mini-stroke” are probably more appropriately handled by the Radio-Active Appliance than with the Wet Cell.

I suppose the Wet Cell is better at addressing the more debilitating problems because it increases physical vitality by adding a small amount of energy to the body. Riding on this wave of energy is typically a vibration of gold or silver (from a substance in the solution jar), and these vibrations are intended to stimulate the nerves, glands, and organs into a state of general regeneration.

Instructions for Using the Wet Cell Appliance

First the Wet Cell must be charged for the month by mixing together a simple solution involving nearly two gallons of water and a standard list of ingredients. Let this sit for 12 hours, then the device is ready for use.

Each day set out the appliance, with electrodes and solution jar attached, for 20 minutes. Then use the Velcro straps to place the electrodes on your body. As you begin to take the treatment spend the next 30 minutes thinking upon things that are spiritually uplifting. Then detach the electrodes, clean up and put it all away, and you are done!

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