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The A.R.E. Clinic is a unique medical practice. Since its inception in 1970, the A.R.E. Clinic has practiced medicine in the manner prescribed by Edgar Cayce. This is a truly holistic approach, applying conventional and alternative medicines, physical therapies, counseling, and even prayer and meditation, to achieve lasting positive changes in not just the body, but in the entire body-mind-spirit relationship.

Services offered at the A.R.E. Clinic include acupuncture, biofeedback training, chelation and IV therapy, colonic therapy, counseling, diet therapy, electronic pain-relief therapy, herbal medicine, home remedies, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, spinal manipulations, telephone consultations, and women's health. The clinic also features an 11-day residential healing program known as the "Temple Beautiful program."

Opportunities to Get Involved

The A.R.E. Clinic offers a number of ways for you to get involved with Cayce medicine. You can use the Cayce remedies at home for the benefit of yourself and your family. Just call our store, the Cayce Corner, and your order will be in the mail!

We hope you will become a member of our club "The Healing Circle," and participate in our educational outreach program.

You can also become a donor to the A.R.E. Clinic by giving a tax-deductible gift of money, property, or real estate. Your gifts keep the A.R.E. Clinic growing! Please read the following sections for more information.

Charitable Gifts

"What is the Law of Love? Giving."

As a nonprofit 501c(3) organization, the A.R.E. Clinic can receive your tax-deductible gifts of property, real estate, or cash. These can be applied toward any of the clinic's projects or funds. All unspecified gifts will go into the clinic's general operating fund for disbursement by the clinic's director.

Membership in our "Healing Circle"

The A.R.E. Clinic is greatly supported by its donors and members. Members keep in touch with the clinic through a bi-monthly newsletter called New Pathways to Health. This informative periodical contains updates on clinic events, tips on healthcare, notes on research, letters from members, and the heart-touching stories of some of the people who have come through the doors of the A.R.E. Clinic. Members also receive coupons giving discounts on purchases through our Cayce Corner mail order store.

Cayce Corner Store

Since so many of the books and remedies the A.R.E. Clinic uses are hard to find, we've developed our own store: the Cayce Corner. If you live in Phoenix you can stop on by and view our collection of Cayce antiques and crystals, snoop through our metaphysical and health related books, and ask our sales staff about the uses of the various Cayce remedies we have on the shelf.

If you reside outside the Phoenix area, you will be comforted to know that you can always order your Cayce books and remedies from the Cayce Corner by phone (MasterCard or Visa only) or by mail (paid by check or money order). Call the Cayce Corner at (602) 955-9206.

A.R.E. Clinic

4018 N 40th St
Phoenix, AZ 85018
United States
Telephone: (602) 955-0551
FAX: (602) 956-8629

Regional Support Groups for the US

The A.R.E. Clinic regularly refers its patients to the A.R.E., Inc. - a separate nonprofit organization in Virginia Beach, Virginia - for spiritual support and assistance in finding local health resources. If you wish to contact your local support or Edgar Cayce study groups, click on the appropriate region in the table below.

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