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Cayce Remedies Relieve
Vocal Chord Polyp

a man in his 40's says:

"Sometime in February of 1997 I was experiencing extreme hoarseness after talking for any length of time. One day I covered my mouth to sneeze and looked into my hand to find a small piece of skin. I decided then I should probably see a doctor. In March of 1997 I went to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Using mirrored instruments to look down my throat he determined I had a polyp on my vocal chord. The docoted prescribed Prednisone for about a week along with Prilosec. I took these drugs but to no avail. On April 16, 1997, I went in for surgery to have the polyp removed. The polyp was returned from pathology stating that it was non-malignant (non-cancerous). After surgery I continued to take Prilosec because the doctor suspected Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD). In July of 1997 I notice the hoarseness returning. The hoarseness continued to become more severe and was interfering with my ability to work. I elected to have surgery again in November of 1997. The polyp was again removed and was again non-malignant. The polyp again returned by February 1998. The doctor suggested I see another doctor who specialized in this particular kind of malady. I went to this specialist and after looking at the polyp and talking to me about ten minutes he told me there was nothing he or anyone else could do and suggested I try the Internet. I was charged $230.00 for this visit.

"The doctor who sent me to the specialist received the report back from the specialist and suggested I be tested for GERD. I agreed. (What a sucker.) The Gastroenterologist check for this suspected culprit. The test consisted of being mildly anesthetized and having a tube slide down your throat which takes pictures and removes small pieces of your stomach to be analysed for GERD. The second part of this procedure consisted of having a tube slid through your nose and down your throat into your stomach and left there for 24 hours. This was no fun and the results yielded what I suspected. No GERD. My stomach acids and reflux were normal.

"I did take the advice of the one doctor and began my search on the Internet. I had read a few books about Edgar Cayce and began my search in this area. I found the A.R.E. Clinic and called for a consultation. On March 19, 1998, Scott Grady [an A.R.E. Clinic health counselor] provided me with a plan of treatment using neck exercises, castor oil, the violet ray, and improved thought processes. I was skeptical at first, but I had nothing to lose. I followed the suggested course of treatment and gradually began to improve. After approximately four months I noticed I was speaking normally again. I have not gone back to the doctor to see if the polyp is still there. It may very well be there, but I know I am able to speak normally again and don't have any burning desire to pay to find out if the polyp still exists.

"I would recommend a consultation at the A.R.E. Clinic to anyone struggling to cure an ailment. You will save yourself a considerable amount of money and be provided with a treatment that encompasses body, mind, and soul."

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