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Colonic Therapy and Diet Changes
Help Reverse Emphysema

a woman in her seventies says:

"I was hospitalized with pneumonia in late 1996. My blood oxygen was low, about 83 when I entered the hospital, and 87 when I left. They gave me an oxygen tank when I left.

"Later I was diagnosed with emphysema.

"In May, 1998, I became very sick. I had asthma, labored breathing, and nausea. My blood oxygen was about 87-88. One of my doctors said the nausea came from constipation, and suddenly I realized that there was a connection between my chronic constipation and my respiratory illness. I had visited Dr. McGarey many years before and he had recommended dietary changes and a castor oil pack, and now I truly understood their purpose!

"So I put myself on a vegetable and fruit diet, and on May 18 I had my first colonic at the A.R.E. Clinic. On May 21, my blood oxygen level was 89, and by May 22 my arterial blood oxygen was 93. I had two more colonics, and on June 11 my blood oxygen was 93 or 94. I had three more colonics, and my blood oxygen went up to 94 or 95.

"I am continuing to use the Cayce diet, which was recommended to me, and I am continuing to receive therapies at the A.R.E. Clinic. I have discontinued almost all of my medications. My condition is still improving."

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