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Internet Resource List

Please give us your comments about the resources provided on this list.

If there's a site you think we should add, please give us the URL and a site description. Also, let us know if a site has changed or become inactive.

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This page was last updated May 4, 2000.


The Arts and Healing Network
Although this organization is not Cayce-oriented, art has an interesting relationship with the healing process that - according to Cayce - stems from the original Temple Beautiful created by Ra-Ta in Egypt. Check out the Arts and Healing Network's links page.

The Calm Centre
This is an Australian group that is simply promoting "calmness." If you are looking for ways to maintain your serenity, check out the suggestions at this site.

"Promoting ideas and methods that enliven the body and cultivate the spirit."

World Research Foundation
This non-profit organization focuses on developments in alternative sciences and the healing arts, especially on those organizations and people who are active in countries outside North America. Read an article from their online newsletter.


The Edgar Cayce Readings Online
Search the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce to your heart's content!

Starlighter Alternative Directory
Look up interesting alternative and metaphysically oriented websites with this Yahoo!-like search engine and directory. Submissions for this search engine are reviewed for content and quality by a human.


Ancient Wisdom
Tons of links to ancient wisdom resources - from Alchemical Writings and Ancient Mayan Texts, to Zen Buddhism and Zoroastrianism.

Awesome Archaeological Link List
Here you can find links to alternative and mainstream sites pertaining to Egyptian and Ancient American civilizations.

The Piri Reis Map and Other Cartographical Anomalies
Visit this site to see an ancient map that appears to have accurately depicted the Antarctic continent at a time prior to the last shifting of the Earth's poles. Could this map be a remnant of Atlantis? Does it give us a clue about the direction and displacement for the next pole shift?

Project 2000
This site is about alternative Egyptology.

The Mysterious Pyramids of China
It has been recently re-discovered that there are pyramids in China. These sites have not been archaeologically surveyed, but it is theoretically possible that these pyramids could be the ruins of a legendary advanced people, known to Edgar Cayce as the Himalayan or Gobi contemporaries of the Atlanteans, and known to the Chinese as the Hsia.

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A.R.E. Clinic
The A.R.E. Clinic researches and applies Cayce Medicine. Go to the clinic's Welcome page, and visit or join the clinic's discussion groups: the Medical Forum and the Edgar Cayce Forum.

Association for Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
The first organization to promote the philosophies of Edgar Cayce. Go to this site to find out about conferences, Cayce study groups, and enter the ARE Chat Room.

The A.R.E. has initiated a healthcare research project called the A.R.E. Health and Rejuvenation Research Center (HRRC). If you have an illness and would like to see what the HRRC can do for you, click here: Participate in Health Research.

Just added: Cayce Health Database. Access tons of Cayce health information.

A.R.E. Regional Teams - Study Groups
The A.R.E. has groups located all over the US. Contact the group for your region to find out about the Cayce-related activities that are planned for your area.

Not sure what region you're in? Find your state on the ARE's region map.

Edgar Cayce Canada
EC Canada's mission is: "To encourage the exploration and application of the principles in the Edgar Cayce readings." Visit their site, join their club, and receive their newsletter!

Edgar Cayce Center in Japan
If you can read Japanese, this is a full-featured website on Edgar Cayce, and the activities related to his work which are underway in Japan.

Edgar Cayce Center in Sweden
Find out about the Cayce community in Sweden and in other European countries.

Edgar Cayce Centre in the UK
John Walsh has been working to create a website for the UK center. Everything's still under construction, but there's valuable health information collected here.

Meridian Institute
This group researches the physical principles of the Edgar Cayce readings. Take a peek at their online newsletter.

Soul-Purpose Research Center
A.R.E. author and speaker, Mark Thurston, helps you do personal research to find and live your mission in life.

Those looking for quick guidance can try the online I Ching divination tool.


A.R.E. Press
The A.R.E. Press publishes probably about 50% of all Cayce books.

Edgar Cayce Books - World Database
Track down and order any Cayce book in print, in any language available.


Cayce 2000
As the site says, "The millennium is fast approaching. What will happen when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2000?" Contribute your ideas at the Year 2000 Discussion.

The Edgar Cayce Link
This site (based in Ireland) has links to zillions of websites related to Edgar Cayce, reincarnation, meditation, ancient civilizations, dreams, prophecies, etc.

Edgar Cayce Readings (a Russian site, in English)
This site is perhaps the best, most wide-ranging online attempt to index the information held in the Cayce readings.

Journal of Cayce Studies
An online scholarly presentation of the information in the Cayce readings.


Arizona Health Sciences Library
A full-spectrum health sciences library; journals, references, etc.

Internet Grateful Med V2.6.1
A strange name, but a good reference site.

Naturodoc Online
Natural medicine.

The PhytoPharmica company provides natural medicines, nutritional supplements, and alternative medicines to health care professionals.

Thorne Research Home Page
Thorne Research provides natural medicines, nutritional supplements, and alternative medicines to health care professionals.

Tyler, Inc.
Tyler, Inc. provides natural medicines, nutritional supplements, and alternative medicines to health care professionals.

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