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Edgar Cayce on the White Brotherhood


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 30th day of June, 1932, in accordance with request made those present of the Norfolk Study Group #1 and friends, of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., during the Annual Congress of the Association.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Norfolk Study Group #1 and friends.


Time of Reading
3:00 P. M.

1. GC: You will please give at this time detailed information regarding the origin, purpose and prophecies of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh near Cairo, Egypt. Please answer the questions asked.

2. EC: Yes. In the information as respecting the pyramids, their purpose in the experience of the peoples, in the period when there was the rebuilding of the priest during the return in the land, some 10,500 before the coming of the Christ into the land, there was first that attempt to restore and to add to that which had been begun on what is called the Sphinx, and the treasure or storehouse facing same, between this and the Nile, in which those records were kept by Arart and Araaraart in the period.

3. Then, with Hermes and Ra (those that assumed or took up the work of Araaraart) there began the building of that now called Gizeh, with which those prophecies that had been in the Temple of Records and the Temple Beautiful were builded, in the building of this that was to be the hall of the initiates of that sometimes referred to as the White Brotherhood.

4. This, then, receives all the records from the beginnings of that given by the priest, Arart, Araaraart and Ra, to that period when there is to be the change in the earth's position and the return of the Great Initiate to that and other lands for the folding up of those prophecies that are depicted there. All changes that came in the religious thought in the world are shown there, in the variations in which the passage through same is reached, from the base to the top - or to the open tomb AND the top. These are signified by both the layer and the color in what direction the turn is made.

5. This, then, is the purpose for the record and the meaning to be interpreted by those that have come and do come as the teachers of the various periods, in the experience of this present position, of the activity of the spheres, of the earth.

6. In the period that is to come, this ends - as to that point which is between what is termed in chronological time in present - between 1950 and '58, but there have been portions that have been removed by those that desecrated many of those other records in the same land. This was rejected by that Pharaoh who hindered in the peoples leaving the land.

7. (Q) Are the deductions and conclusions arrived at by D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith in their book on The Great Pyramid correct?

(A) Many of these that have been taken as deductions are correct. Many are far overdrawn. Only an initiate may understand.

8. (Q) What corrections for the period of the 20th century?

(A) Only those that there will be an upheaval in '36.

9. (Q) Do you mean there will be an upheaval in '36 as recorded in the pyramid?

(A) As recorded in the pyramid, though this is set for a correction, which, as has been given, is between '32 AND '38 - the correction would be, for this - as seen - is '36 - for it is in many - these run from specific days; for, as has been seen, there are periods when even the hour, day, year, place, country, nation, town, and individuals are pointed out. That's how correct are many of those prophecies as made.

Oft may there be changes that bring periods, as seen in that period when there was an alteration in that initiate in the land of Zu and Ra that BROUGHT a change, but at a different point because of being driven by those that were set as the guides or guards of same.

In this same pyramid did the Great Initiate, the Master, take those last of the Brotherhood degrees with John, the forerunner of Him, at that place. As is indicated in that period where entrance is shown to be in that land that was set apart, as that promised to that peculiar peoples, as were rejected - as is shown in that portion when there is the turning back from the raising up of Xerxes as the deliverer from an unknown tongue or land, and again is there seen that this occurs in the entrance of the Messiah in this period - 1998.

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