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Edgar Cayce on the
Construction of the
Radio-Active Appliance
and Wet Cell


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 20th day of September, 1935, in accordance with request made by the Health Home Remedies Co., through Mr. Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. L. B. and Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Time of Reading
3:20 to 3:50 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. Virginia Beach, Va.

(Health Home Remedies Co., especially its handling of the Radio-Active and Wet Cell Appliances by Harry Storey [Harry W. Storey, son of Mrs. Helen Storey, nephew of Miss Esther Wynn] of 2709 Lafayette Blvd., Norfolk, Va., and the handling of Ipsab by H. L. Cayce present in this room. You will give such advice and counsel as may be helpful at this time in handling these appliances and preparation. You will answer the questions regarding each of these activities which will be asked.)

1. EC: Yes, we have those intentions and desires on the part of Harry Storey and Hugh Lynn Cayce as respecting Appliances, also Ipsab.

2. Much has been given in the various experiences for individuals respecting the Appliances of various characters.

3. As we have indicated, the Radio-Active Appliance may be given or prepared in a commercial way and manner; while the Wet Cell Appliance is builded in most cases for specific conditions - and for general use at times.

4. In the handling of the various appliances, any varied manners have been used in the construction of same.

5. These individuals in the present should attempt to, and should, make the Appliances in a more UNIFORM way and manner.

6. This, as we find, would be a commercial formula or manner for building that termed the Radio-Active Appliance. It should be made, then, with the containers or the various parts conforming to this pattern:

7. First we would have two (2) pieces of Tool Steel, thirty to fifty percent (30% to 50%) carbon steel. It would be more preferable to have these made into pieces half an inch (1/2") wide, quarter of an inch (1/4") thick, four and a half to five inches (4 1/2" to 5") long. This variation is to conform to the cuttings for containers for same.

8. In the construction it is preferable that the tips, to which the wires are to be attached, be screwed on - rather than soldered. These may be screwed into the top or to the side, so that they project above one end of the steel plate.

9. Two (2) pieces of Glass, single thickness, half inch (1/2"), the same length as the steel, would be placed between the Steels; and two (2) pieces of Carbon, quarter inch (1/4"), half inch (1/2") wide or the width of the steel, would be placed on either side.

10. Then the width of the other two carbons would be that as to proportion from the outer edges of the carbon ON the Steel. These would be taped together securely.

11. Then a half inch (1/2") should be allowed on either side in the container, in which there would be packed Powdered Charcoal, you see.

12. The top of same, then, would be sealed either with rubber or the sealing wax, rubberized on top of same.

13. The container may be of tin or copper tin, PREFERABLY made of a material that does not rust. Or any rough or rust proof material may be used for the container.

14. To the ends of same (that is, of the Steel, you see, on the tips) there would be attached to each tip a very FLEXIBLE cord (of course with the wire running through same). Preferably these would be tipped on both ends and set so they may be removed from either end, either from the tips or plates that are attached to the extremities of the body. These tips would be so that the tape on same would be adjustable either by tying or by an elastic. Tying is preferable, for they should be in such a way that when tied they hold their place in PERFECT contact with the body, and not so that the tapes that are tied to the plate hold same just touching the body. They should be held AGAINST the body, you see.

15. These are the manners for preparation of the Radio-Active Appliance. Make all of these appliances conform to THIS formula.

16. As to the Radio-Active Appliance indicated here (present in the room), this will WORK; yet it is not wholly in conformity to the specifications we have just given. This may be used. But with the measurements as we have just given, any quantity of the necessary materials may be made or prepared so that these Appliances may be constructed as necessity demands.

17. Now, as to the preparation of the Wet Cell Appliances, this would be the preferably manner - though, to be sure, these vary according to the character of solution that in its radial activity is to be conveyed to the body:

18. These would be built in such a manner that the container would hold at least a gallon and a half of solution, see? but the container would be at least half a gallon larger.

19. Preferably such containers should be made of a composition, or rubberoid, that does not break or become changed by the contraction and expansion owing to the activity of the solution in same. The top of the container should PREFERABLY be of the same material, or it may be of glass, or it may be of crock ware or of wood; preferably made to specifications of a square or an oblong container that would hold two gallons, see? marked or the measurement given on same so that the gallon and a half is indicated when the quantity of water is put in same. The following ingredients make up the activities of the solution in same:

Copper Sulphate...................1 1/2 pounds,
Sulphuric Acid, C.P...................1 ounce,
Common Zinc (or pieces of zinc tin or zinc may be cut)...........30 grains,
that will produce with the Acid, the Copper Sulphate, the electrical vibrations.

20. This would be the manner, then, of preparation:

21. The poles used would be half inch (1/2") rods, square or circular dependent upon which is the easier to procure. But make the specifications so that these are uniform; dependent, of course, upon whether the container is high or low, square or round, or what!

22. One pole would be of Copper, the other of Nickel.

23. The Copper pole is always the positive, to which a Copper plate is attached.

24. And the leads should be so attached that they may be long enough to prevent causing disturbance to the individual using same.

25. A Nickel plate, larger, would be attached to the Nickel Pole; always the negative, and would be what which would pass through a solution or go plain - dependent upon the order of same. This plate should be at least two and a half or three inches (2 1/2" or 3") in diameter, circular; preferably made so that it is just a little bit cupped, so that the attachments to same would be on the back side and NOT on the edges. These attachments would be fastened either by the countersinking and a pole, or by the soldering or the projections on same so that these may be tied or the plates applied on any portions of the body, see?

26. Both plates should be fixed in the same manner, though the Copper Plate would not be larger than an inch (1") - the whole plate. But these should be made so they form a cup, or a sort of a roll, you see, so that the attachments make them directly in connection with the body itself; forming, as it were, a little vacuum UNDER the plate WHERE attached to the body.

27. As to the preparation of a container into which there would be put such solutions as Camphor, Gold, Silver, Iodine, or any of the preparations that are SOLUBLE in alcohol:

28. We find that any of such solutions maybe given to the body, as we have indicated, through this manner; causing the activity of same without it passing through the system itself, for it may be directed to various organs of the system that are in need of such elements - as to the glands in any portion of the system that receive impulse from the cerebrospinal system, or from the sympathetic or the vegetative system, or from any of the ganglia of the LYMPH or EMUNCTORY circulation that forms itself in portions of the body.

29. So, as indicated, the attachments should be prepared or made in a manner so that they are encased over the centers where attached, in a sort of cup shape, so as to draw or suck as a cup would.

30. When the container for such a solution (being upon the longer lead, the Nickel, and attached to the Nickel passing through the solution) would be preferably of glass, preferably with a metal or bakerite (?) or hard rubber top. Have it so arranged that the lead lead which goes into same, in the form of a U, may be taken entirely out, see? And so that the ends of the wire that attaches to same have tips on same, both to the box and to the glass or container itself in which the solution is put. Such a container should be able to hold four to six (4 to 6) ounces; preferably the six (6) ounce container. Hence it would be such a shape and size as to NOT be of an obtuse nature in handling. And have the leads sufficiently long that they do not cause the solution to swing in space in its connection, you see. These should be at least four feet long, or three feet from the container to the body - or more.

31. These are the specifications.

32. As to WHAT is to be used in these, this will be indicated in such information as may be supplied for the body itself.

33. Make these in conformity to these specifications and they will be proper.

34. As to the preparation for the teeth, the gums, the mouth - in Ipsab:

35. This would be made to those specifications as indicated. The only condition about which there has been any question, as we find, is as to being sure that each quantity of the water - the saline solution or ocean water - is of the same volatile measure (or specific gravity) when it is used, see? If this does not come to the same specific gravity, add common salt to MAKE same. The specific gravity of sea water SHOULD be one and seven-tenths (1 and 7/10).

36. Ready for questions.

37. (Q) Would it be advisable to send the Radio-Active Appliance which we have here in my hand, and the one being made up, to those needing same? (A) As indicated, these will work. But make same TRUE to the specifications as we have just given! ORDER materials to fit! Take measurements and ORDER materials to FIT! And these will then be a matter of FORM in their preparation. These will work!

38. We are through for the present.

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