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Edgar Cayce on Psoriasis


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 14th day of April, 1944, in accordance with request made by the self through the mother - Dr. [...], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading Set 10:30 to 11:30 A. M. Eastern War Time. ..., Penn.

1. GC: You will have before you the body of [5016], who is at ... You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering the questions, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [5016].

3. As we find there are disturbances preventing the better physical functioning of the body. With this body these conditions are rather of a complex nature, as there is incoordination in the eliminating systems.

4. While there is the thinning of the walls of the small intestines and there are poisons absorbed through the system that find expression in the attempt to eliminate through superficial circulation, we find that there are pressures also existing in the areas of the 6th, 7th dorsal that upset the coordination of circulation through the kidneys and the liver. These contribute to the condition causing the abrasions which occur as red splotches or spots at times, and at other times there is the forming of blackheads apparently, or black points on the abrasions, you see, or in the abrasion areas.

5. These are the sources of the disturbance with this particular body.

6. Then, in making applications for corrections here we would first through osteopathic adjustments correct those subluxations upon the right side at the 6th and 7th dorsal and then coordinate the 3rd cervical, the 9th dorsal and through the lumbar, with such corrections. There should only be required about twelve adjustments, if properly made, coordinating the muscular forces in areas where the sympathetic and cerebrospinal systems coordinate in the greater measure.

7. We would have these twice each week for the first six of the treatments. The others may be spread out longer.

8. After the first six osteopathic adjustments have been made (not before), begin taking internally a compound prepared in this manner:

Sulphur.................1 tablespoonful,
Rochelle Salts..........1 tablespoonful,
Cream of Tartar.........1 tablespoonful.
[Manufactured under the name SULFLAX.]

9. Mix these very thoroughly, as with mortar and pestle. Take a teaspoonful every morning, either in water or dry on tongue, until the whole quantity has been taken.

10. Then begin with Yellow Saffron Tea, a pinch of the American Saffron [also known as SAFFLOWER herb] in a cup of boiling water - or put in a cup and fill with boiling water, allow to stand for thirty minutes, strain and drink, each evening when ready to retire.

11. Occasionally, about two to three times a week, drink elm water - a pinch of ground elm (between thumb and forefinger) in a cup, filled with warm water (not boiling water). Stir thoroughly and let set for thirty minutes. Drink this preferably of morning rather than at the period when the Saffron is taken.

12. Eliminate fats, sweets and pastries from the diet. Do have a great deal of fruits and vegetables.

13. Do these and we will find that there may be brought better conditions for this body.

14. Ready for questions.

15. (Q) Is psoriasis always from the same cause?

(A) No, but it is more often from the lack of proper coordination in the eliminating systems. At times the pressures may be in those areas disturbing the equilibrium between the heart and liver, or between heart and lungs. But it is always caused by a condition of lack of lymph circulation through alimentary canal and by absorption of such activities through the body.

16. We are through with this reading.

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