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Edgar Cayce on Multiple Sclerosis


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 25th day of January, 1939, in accordance with request made by Dr. Charles Goodman Taylor, through the Manager of the Association for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., Mr. Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Hugh Lynn Cayce and Edgar Evans Cayce.


Time of Reading 169 East 78th St. 3:50 to 4:10 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. New York, N.Y.

1. GC: You will have before you the request from Dr. Charles G. Taylor of ... St., New York, N.Y., for a research reading on the disease known as Multiple Sclerosis. You will consider the following statement from Dr. Taylor: "The material pathology of Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of nerve fibres in the spinal cord and brain. The insulating sheaths of these fibres are evidently attacked by some destructive agent which causes them to 'melt away' and be replaced by fibrous tissue." Please answer the following questions.

2. EC: In giving the true pathological condition, as we find this condition of the spinal cord and of the brain is rather the result of conditions which arise in the assimilating system from the lack of a balance in the hormones of the blood supply.

3. And it is then a nerve condition, but IMPOVERISHED from the lack of this condition in the bloodstream, or the glandular forces as supply from the system those elements necessary to give the elasticity or that activity which is necessary.

4. Then this is the source, and the condition in the spinal cord and brain is the effect of that called Multiple Sclerosis.

5. The condition, of course, in each individual may be said to be a law unto itself. This, to be sure, is dependent upon that influence from which the activity of the first cell is taken in a body or entity.

6. Now as the nerve system is that channel through which the atomic energies, or electronic atomic energies pass for activity, there is then the lack of certain elements within the system and in the abilities of the body to produce through the activity of the assimilating system that of GOLD.

7. Ready for questions.

8. (Q) Is this condition produced by an unbalanced diet, or functional failure of glands?

(A) A combination! For as has just been indicated, in determining the factor as to whether this is a glandular or a diet condition, there must be the HISTORY of the case itself considered, and the effect there has been upon the parentage as to the sufficient amount of the cellular force ABOUT each of those atomic forces as go to make up the first cell - or the first foetus itself.

9. (Q) If it is a case of unbalanced foods, what should be added?

(A) This depends upon the progress of it. But as has been indicated, it is then the effect of gold - the atomic effect of gold that should be added to the system.

10. (Q) Which glands are involved?

(A) Those about the liver and gall duct.

11. (Q) What is the nature of the process of the breaking down of the sheaths of these nerve fibres?

(A) Nerve fibre is both positive and negative, or both white and gray matter, as it passes through the activity of the system. When there is a deficiency of that which supplies to the negative or positive force, there is a drain then that begins upon the system. And as there is the lack of those elements that give stamina or energy to the activity of that portion, it begins first then in those forms of a drain or strain and these GRADUALLY then take away or they dissolve, or their cells instead of being round in their nature become elongated and gradually pull apart. Thus the system attempting to build resistance from same causes the losing of the use of any of the energies necessary to replenish same. It's a WASTING away.

12. (Q) Describe the original process which begins in the liver and gall bladder area.

(A) The cellular force here, or the glandular activity, draws from the spleen, pancreas and the juices or the excretory functioning of the liver, in the activity of assimilation with the drainage forces from the lacteals.

This then, lacking in the energies, gradually builds conditions that become hardening forces; which form in that connection between the gall duct itself AND the activity to the larger glands in their assimilation such that a hardening of that portion begins.

Then these gradually act upon the nerve system; by first, as it were, the loss of memory for the moment, then the conditions that may be set up either in the lower portion of the spinal cord or that about the brush end, and those activities gradually increase until they affect or move along the cord itself (in a portion of same) to the brain. And these begin then in the activity upon the use of various portions of the system.

13. (Q) Is any outside agent or germ involved in this process?

(A) We do not find it so. Rather is it the lack of keeping the proper balance about each cell in its division as it increases in its activity.

14. (Q) Is this a lack of nerve energy to this particular cell, or a poison which is forming and attacks?

(A) A poison, naturally. The lack of there being sufficient [nerve energy] makes for a poison to other cells about the original, or the central forces of such activity.

15. (Q) What can be done to prevent this disease?

(A) Keeping a nominal balance of those things in the system that make for keeping the normal balance of the elements or the metals for the system.

Most of these may be tested especially from the spermatozoa.

16. (Q) What is meant by that last statement, - please explain?

(A) The reproductive glands first become noticed, as to the lack of those elements for reproduction. Then when these are discovered, - a lacking in these, - there would be the addition then of the gold necessary.

17. (Q) Is this best to be given vibratorially, or taken internally?

(A) Vibratorially is always better for ANY that is a preventive or a destructive force to those influences from within a cellular activity.

18. (Q) What general steps should be taken in curing it?

(A) As has been indicated, or may be drawn from an analysis of that just indicated, there should be the proper distribution. This, of course, depends upon very much the advanced stage of the condition. This is presupposing that it's taken with the first symptoms, see? or the beginning of sterility, or the inactivity from the system as it may be called. The adding then of those vibratory forces as combined with the elements in the diet would be to make for sufficient of gold, silver and iron in the bloodstream.

19. (Q) What suggestions may be given now as to further research readings on this subject through this channel? And explain for Dr. Taylor's benefit the source of the information given here.

(A) This may be taken by first the examinations of that as we have just indicated, and as to how it checks with those conditions existent in the varying stages of that which has been called Multiple Sclerosis. Then those questions relative to the conditions as they advance, or the effect which has been and is created in the various stages upon individual cases. Then there may be asked for that as would clarify same in the mind of one desirous of making application of information that might be given.

Sources - the universal consciousness.

20. We are through for the present.

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