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A Case History on
Lupus Erythematosus

The A.R.E. Clinic has treated several patients for lupus erythematosus, with varying results. Some patients have had all their symptoms disappear, while others may find that some symptoms or tendencies persist. What follows is an account of what was probably the A.R.E. Clinic's first experience in the treatment of lupus according to the suggestions given in the Edgar Cayce readings.

"This case history concerns a 63 year old woman who had been diagnosed as having lupus erythematosus in 1955 and was treated for it at the ARE Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. She displayed advanced skin symptoms along with fever, headaches, insomnia, muscular infirmity, anemia, and leukopenia.

"At the clinic, she received massage therapy and ostopathic manipulations. Additionally, she was given a therapy program to follow when she returned home, which included internal doses of Atomidine, Epsom salt baths, Wet Cell treatments, a special diet, exercises, and castor oil packs. She was also counseled to adopt a constructive attitude.

"Later, in a letter, the woman expressed the feeling that the change in attitude was instrumental in the healing she had experienced. During her visits to the clinic, she developed a new understanding of the disease, accompanied by a sense of faith that a cure was possible.

"Her next medical checkup found that she no longer had lupus. Doctors confirmed that although it was evident that she had once had the disease, it was no longer visible on her body. She expressed faith that the same power which had helped cure her lupus could also relieve the aches and pains that remained where the disease had damaged her body."

This case history may be found in the book "Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing," by Reba Ann Karp.

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