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Edgar Cayce on Lupus


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 28th day of June, 1944, in accordance with request made by self - Mrs. [5288], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by There Is A River.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Jeanette Fitch, Stenos.


Time of Reading
Set bet. 10:30 to 11:30 A. M. Eastern War Time. ..., Va.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: Yes, [5288].

2. We have those conditions, those disturbances with the physical forces of the body, wherein there has been breakage in coordinations between the eliminating channels of the body, poisons which should be eliminated through the respiratory or perspiratory canal or kidneys, or through those centers where coordination is established between the lymph circulation and the cerebrospinal towards eliminating centers is indicated by the patches or activities of the emunctory of the body.

3. These in lumbar and sacral, 9th dorsal, brachial center, 3rd cervical are indicated as areas, and thus the nerve reflexes in which these poisons manifest in the form of blisters or patches, or splotches where, under the epidermis, there are accumulations of fluids which, as they are broken, produce greater inflammation in portions, wherever it may touch.

4. While there are periods when there is some nausea, headaches, weakness, indigestion, poor eliminations, all of these indicate how each portion of the body, through the incoordination, puts a greater stress on the organs of the central nerve and blood supply.

5. At times there are those tendencies for irritation or a cough; at times there are disturbances with the sensory organs, dizziness, blurring of eyes, the hearing, roarings or discomfort, pressure in the ear drums. The activities throughout the body are indicated.

6. The sources are from clogging, as it were, with oils, the emunctory circulation as related to the cerebrospinal. Thus, as we find, while there are some improvements in the present and there is some more strength, there is gradually growing less and less of the higher temperatures from this inflamed condition throughout the body, it is far from being as yet satisfactory.

7. We would apply the Sinusoidal or the short-wave which would empty the gall bladder and stimulate to better activity the central forces in the kidneys and body energies with these electrical applications. Use this about once a week.

8. Twice a week do have a gentle relaxing massage osteopathically administered.

9. Do take internally three to five drops of Elixir of Lactated Pepsin in half teaspoonful of Milk of Bismuth which would be stirred in half to three-quarters of a glass of water. This take once a day.

10. If there are those tendencies following these, for one or two days, lack of proper eliminations, use besides the diet, a high colon irrigation.

11. These, as we find, offer the better prospects; for it's the attitude the body takes, don't attempt to shield self from anxieties but know there are truths, there are conditions one must conform to for bettered improvements through the body, as well as the applications to bring better conditions.

12. Do that.

13. Ready for questions.

14. (Q) Any special directions for the osteopath?

(A) These would rather be relaxing, than stimulating suggestions in mechano-therapy or the mechanical application and the suggested forces given the body, by those making the applications, see?

15. (Q) Can this disease predispose me to any other disease?

(A) It may to many, when there is affliction in the controls, as it were of the glands, not only of the body-functioning but of the organs themselves; but keep the attitude of creative helpfulness for others as well as for self.

16. We are through with this reading.

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