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Edgar Cayce on
Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 26th day of July, 1940, in accordance with request made by the father - Mr. [2345], Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading
10:45 to 11:05 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., West Va.

1. GC: You will give the physical condition of this body at the present time, with suggestions for further corrective measures; answering the questions, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [2513].

3. As we find, there are changes in the general physical conditions since last we had same, and there have been periods when apparently there was some improvement; yet in the present it would be said that little change for the better is indicated.

4. Still we find there are adhesions and lesions through the right area of the upper portion of the abdomen; and incoordination between the cerebrospinal and sympathetic nervous system.

5. The spasmodic reactions at times appear more severe, more sudden; causing greater disturbance to the whole nervous system.

6. We do not find that the narcotics or sedatives are curatives but apparently are necessary evils; for they are hindrances to better improvement - but are needed to allay the severeness of attacks at this particular period.

7. As we find, - we would make some changes. For, all administrations have not been followed exactly as indicated, though ATTEMPTED, and have not been as helpful as intended or indicated that they would be. This is from several causes.

8. In making the administrations in the present:

9. We would have regular periods, every other day, when there would be applied the Castor Oil Packs over the abdominal and caecum area. These should be put on warm, but with plenty of oil; and then apply the electric pad to cause better absorption of same. Keep on for at least forty to sixty minutes.

10. Following same, when there is the sponging off of the body, especially the area, with a lukewarm soda water (baking soda or bicarbonate of soda), then we would massage the abdomen with Peanut Oil, - not too much of this, but sufficient that there may be some absorption, and the breaking up of the lesions in this area.

11. Also we would have the general relaxing treatments and osteopathic adjustments along the whole of the cerebrospinal area, from the lower portion of the spine upward, making the adjustments. This, to be sure, is somewhat at variance to the ordinary manner of making adjustments. Use knuckle or finger upon either side of the spine and touch each segment in the adjusting.

12. We would prepare a tonic to be given to take the place of a sedative. After the first three or four days, this should enable most of the sedatives to be eliminated - or very little of other sedatives will be necessary after this is begun.

13. To a gallon measure of Passion Flower with blossom and fruit (preferably dried), add 2 gallons of distilled water. Reduce this by boiling until there are 2 quarts, when strained. To this add 1 pint of Grain Alcohol (90% proof or that strength, at least). The dose of this would be three tablespoonsful each day, one after or at each meal.

14. Refrain from any large quantities of sweets. Most of the sweets, if any form is taken, should be in the fruits - that is, the natural fruit sweets - or honey with the honeycomb, but not great quantities. Preferably have vegetables and vegetable juices as the principal portion of the diet. Or, this would be as an outline, though not ALL the foods that would be taken, to be sure:

15. Mornings - a dry cereal with some fruit or berries. Or, instead of these there may be taken citrus fruit juices (but not at the same meal with the cereal), with toast later and the yolk of an egg - whether boiled or scrambled. This should be sufficient, with a little milk; and preferably use the soy bean milk.

16. Noons - let the principal portion consist of lettuce, celery, tomatoes (these in moderation), with some fruit juices or vegetable juices, or soup.

17. Evenings - a little fowl or fish (not dried), with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash or the like.

18. These as we find in GENERAL would be the best diet for the body.

19. Being consistent and persistent with these, - the Packs, the massages and adjustments, the tonic and the diet, - the body should show considerable improvement; and, as the natural result of this balancing, a much better coordination between the physical and mental forces of the body.

20. Little or no way except close observance may determine as to when the attacks will occur, and there should be someone with the body most of the time - who would be able to see or indicate when seizures would occur. Then a small piece of ice rubbed along the base of the brain, at the lst, 2nd and 3rd cervical, would cause IMMEDIATE reaction; enabling the body NOT to produce the spasmodic contractions that so often occur with seizures.

21. Do these, being patient, being persistent, and we should bring much help and aid to this body.

22. Ready for questions.

23. (Q) Have the treatments been followed exactly as prescribed?

(A) As indicated.

24. (Q) Do any special foods or drinks have a tendency to bring on these attacks?

(A) As indicated, sweets - or carbonated waters.

25. (Q) What type of amusement or entertainment will be good for this body?

(A) Anything that is outside or in the open. Any form of activity is good for the body, if it is able to be kept in the open.

26. (Q) What work or interest will be good for the body's mental attitude and development?

(A) Anything that has to do with the general build up of the maternal instincts.

27. (Q) Would a visit to Virginia Beach in August be helpful to the body?

(A) A visit to Virginia Beach at any season would be helpful for the body, provided it has the advantage of the salt, the sea and the sands through the use of these as a part of the treatment for the respiratory reactions of the body, - that is, the getting wet and then using dry sand packs, which would be like massages for the body, though - to be sure - are not to take the place of the other treatments!

28. We are through with this Reading.

A special note:

While Cayce gave many readings on the treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorders, none of the readings is truly a complete encapsulation of all the information on the treatment of this type of ailment. The reading above was chosen for its presentation of the general aspects of therapy, such as castor oil packs, spinal manipulations, Passion Flower Fusion herbal tonic, and dietary improvements. Other readings suggested the use of electrical therapy, hypnosis, and the Radio-Active Appliance.

In several readings, Cayce gave the following recommendation for quieting seizures:

"When there are the tendencies for seizures, apply ice or very cold water to the back of the brain, or to the back of the neck, close with the 1st and 2nd cervical." [543-30]

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