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Edgar Cayce on Depression


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 15th day of October, 1940, in accordance with request made by the husband - Mr. [...], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by Mrs. [1628]'s husband.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading
11:15 to 11:35 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., N.C.

1. GC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body. You will answer the questions, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [2382].

3. Now as we find, there are disturbances that prevent the better physical functioning of the body. These have to do with the glandular system as related to eliminations, and especially the changes in the functioning of the organs of the pelvis.

4. We find that these arise from very definite subluxations, and cause MENTAL reactions also; the melancholia at times, oft the inability to rest without some form of sedative, and the reactions in the desires as to appetites, associations. Thus there is a general NERVOUS condition resulting from these subluxations.

5. These, then, are the conditions as we find them with this body, [2382] we are speaking of:

6. In the nerve system, - subluxations exist in the coccyx end of the spine, in the 4th lumbar as connected with the axis or the cerebrospinal center in the sacral area. Also there are those tendencies for a curve in the 8th and 7th dorsal center.

7. These as we find are the SOURCES of the disturbance, as to the nerve forces, the sympathetic reactions, the activities of the system as related to the abilities for assimilation, digestion, appetites, and the reflexes even for the brain forces.

8. As we find, these may be materially aided. It will require a little patience and persistence.

9. But begin with first the adjustments. In the beginning these should be given three times each week, for they will not be given too heavy at first, until ten or fifteen have been taken.

10. Then have a rest period from these for a week.

11. THEN have the adjustments about twice each week; these taken then for another series of some fifteen to eighteen adjustments.

12. These we would have administered by one who uses the good mechanical actions in the OSTEOPATHIC manner of adjustments. Do these in Raleigh.

13. After the end of the first series of adjustments, at the beginning of the rest period of a week, we would begin with the use of the Radio-Active Appliance to equalize the nerve energies of the body as related to the circulatory system, and especially as to the impulses to the body. Attach this about an hour each day. Use that period as the period for prayer and meditation; though it may require someone at first to work WITH the body when this is first begun. And have the prayerful meditation for the HELPFUL forces, not only those that may exercise themselves through the system but as to the body using itself - mentally, physically - in a helpful manner for others.

14. We would take precautions that the activities ABOUT the entity are sympathetic, but NOT of the nature as to cause the entity to become more aware of its condition, or to become so sorry for self. Rather have the activities and companionships that seek the relationships to THINGS as well as to people.

15. Do these.

16. Ready for questions.

17. (Q) Why is she so afraid and unable to become interested in anything?
(A) It is the pressure as indicated upon the nervous systems, that causes incoordination between the sympathetic and the cerebrospinal system. Thus we have at times even some irritations to portions of the skin, the loss of appetite and at other times the innate desire for things. But these as we find should all be helped, corrected, if the adjustments are made properly.

These, to be sure, in the coccyx, the lumbar, the lower dorsal and through the dorsal area, will be coordinated with the upper dorsal and cervicals, as adjustments are made.

As indicated, have the adjustments three times each week for the first fifteen treatments. Do not attempt to make too much change in the beginning. It is necessary that the administrator of these gain the confidence, and the purposes for which such adjustments are being made.

Keep away from sedatives; though if any is taken, take rather the form such as Aspirin - but with the Soda-Mint tablets, see?

18. We are through for the present.

Edgar Cayce on Depression,
part 2

TEXT OF READING 2614-1 F 37 (Jewish)

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 7th day of November, 1941, in accordance with request made by the self - Mrs. [2614], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by a friend.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading
3:35 to 3:50 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., New York.

1. GC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering the questions, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the body, [2614].

3. As we find, there are conditions physical that are disturbing and detrimental in their reflection to the mental forces of the body.

4. These are the result of chemical and glandular reactions in the body; producing a deteriorating reaction in nerve impulses.

5. Thus the mental aberrations that appear, the hallucination as to lack of desire for associations and activities, faultfinding in self and in environs, as well as those about the body.

6. If these are allowed to progress they may bring a very detrimental condition, - either that of possession or such a deteriorating as to become dementia praecox in its nature.

7. We would make these suggestions, and we would follow these rather closely for the next thirty to sixty days; or as soon as there can be the preparation of these properties to be taken in the manner indicated.

8. As the glandular disturbance is only beginning, - we would take, during the next ten days, one drop of Atomidine in half a glass of water each morning before any meal is taken.

9. We would have prepared the Wet Cell Appliance carrying Chloride of Gold, in the proportions of one grain to each ounce of Distilled Water - and have at least six ounces.

10. For this body, the charging solution would be prepared in this manner:

11. In 1 1/2 gallons of Distilled Water first thoroughly dissolve 1/2 pound Willow Charcoal. Then add, in the order named:

Copper Sulphate..............2 pounds,
Sulphuric Acid C.P.......1 1/4 ounces,
Zinc.........................3 drams.

Stir the solution thoroughly. Let it charge one day before it is used.

12. Then make the attachments as follows, for twenty minutes each day for the first ten days; then thirty minutes each day for the next forty to fifty days:

13. The copper plate would be attached to the upper portion of the 9th dorsal center; while the larger nickel plate, connected to the nickel pole, would be attached to the umbilical and lacteal duct plexus; on this body three fingers from the navel center to the right and two fingers up - this being the connection passing through the Chloride of Gold Solution, see?

14. Recharge the Appliance, as well as the Gold Solution, each thirty days; or recharge once after using thirty days - and then use thirty days again, see?

15. Then we would give further instructions.

16. During the period that the Appliance is applied each day, while lying down, let the body read the 30th of Deuteronomy, and the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th chapters of St. John. Make them real, - listen to the reading of these as if this were spoken to thee. For these will aid, at such a period, to enable the body to concentrate, and thus give the opportunity for the correct associations of purposes, of spiritual influence, of divine guidance, as may bring the normal forces for this body - if there is used consistency and persistency.

17. Be mindful that the body keeps in the open when practical.

18. Keep about the body congenial companionship, or MAKE self express congeniality in whatever environ or sphere of activity the period may carry the body.

19. These as we find offer, and will bring the greater help. Do not read the promises merely as tenets, but as truths, - making a practical application of that the body would be, mentally, physically, spiritually. Know that the promises here are to thee, if ye will but apply them.

20. We are through for the present.

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