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Edgar Cayce on
Cancer of the Prostate Area


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 26th day of May, 1937, in accordance with request made by the self through emergency phone request of her brother's wife, Mrs. [601], Active Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading
10:45 to 11:00 A. M. Eastern Standard Time.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: ("House built on the ground - low.")

2. Yes, we have the body, [1375], ..., Mass.

3. Now as we find, there are acute conditions in the general physical forces, arising from specific disturbance in the prostate areas - or through the ileac plexus area.

4. These, with the inflammation, produce a great amount of poisons in the system, as well as causing a great deal of mental anxiety to the body - that has been aroused by the natural reactions to those periods, from the character of examinations as well as that indicated in same.

5. Hence we have a little temperature, a great deal of distress through the lumbar and through the anus areas; an upsetting of the digestive forces, very poor eliminations, and activities from the organs of the eliminating system.

6. But as we find in the present, the operative forces would not be that administered; for these would become, under the existing conditions, rather those things hard to be dealt with, or produce conditions hard to be reckoned or dealt with.

7. As we would find in the present, we would first begin with small enemas of as hot Castor Oil as the body can stand. Not that this is to be so warm or hot as to cause such a great discomfort but sufficiently warm that it may be injected with a pumping enema - about two or three tablespoonful. Give these about every other day.

8. Also we would apply Mullein Stupes over the lower portion of the abdomen; that is, across the lower part, or over the lower bones across the abdomen; also the lower lumbar area and through the sacral and coccyx. Use the green Mullein - this is preferable, for it may be obtained now. Crush or bruise and then pour the hot water over same, taking the larger leaves and applying directly to the body - having at least two to three thicknesses of same, so they will hold much of the influence of the Mullein greens, see? for it is not only an absorbent but will make for a relaxing of the system, and a taking away of the soreness. Keep up these Packs or Stupes until there is relief from the excruciating pains that come in the attempt to move.

9. After an easing by the use of the Packs, these may be left off for a day and then given for another day, and then left off for two or three days if the condition permits of same.

10. We would have a gently relaxing of the body by deep manipulations, but very gently given - these more from the 9th dorsal upward than downward. These we would give every day until there is a change.

11. The diet should be liquids and semi-liquids rather than solid foods.

12. Also we find that a little Mullein Tea would be very well to be taken occasionally; that is, once or twice a day - about half an ounce. Put six ounces of the Mullein in a pint of water and allow to steep as tea. Strain this and keep cool, but do not keep for over two days - even though kept in the ice box.

13. These as we find in the present offer the better conditions for the body, [1375].

14. Ready for questions.

15. (Q) Is there a malignancy in rectum?

(A) Not necessary a malignancy as yet. The growth or the stoppage is from irritations and from an old condition of tear or of accumulations by scar tissue forming and becoming irritated - where there was a breaking through during a delivery.

16. (Q) How long should this treatment be kept up?

(A) We should find changes in at least three or four days. unless there are other conditions arising, then it would not be the better for the operation - as has been indicated.

If the temperature arises and the pain is not allayed by the use of these applications suggested, then the operation may be a last resort.

Gradually decrease the amount of the sedatives and the sleeping powders as there is a decrease in the pain, so that the circulation may be adjusted properly.

17. (Q) If relief comes from these treatments, then what should be done to correct the condition or the growth in rectum?

(A) This is being absorbed, or should be absorbed by the applications internally and externally; and then the circulation so increased by the deep manipulations as to carry away from the system most of these disturbances.

18. We are through for the present.

Editor's note: This reading was given for a woman, not a man. While she did not have prostate cancer, there evidently was a tumor or a pre-cancerous condition in the area where the prostate would be in a male - in the ileac plexus area. It is thought that the treatments given for this condition would also be good for a true prostate cancer, or adaptable toward the treatment of that condition.

For more information on Cayce's treatments for an abnormal prostate, see the readings on prostatitis.

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