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Edgar Cayce on the Aurascope


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 18th day of December, 1933, in accordance with request made by self - Mr. [440], Active Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis, Mr. [440], Jr., L. B. Cayce, Edgar Evans Cayce and Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Time of Reading
3:30 to 4:15 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. New York City.

1. GC: Body and enquiring mind, also his observations of the work of Dr. Paul Cold of 225 E. 69th St., N.Y.C. You will answer the questions which he submits regarding his own health and work.

2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [440]. Ready for questions.

3. (Q) In last reading you mentioned fractures not properly healed. Where are these located?

(A) As we find, that which gives the greater amount of trouble is on the ninth rib area and right side, where with fracture the healing has not absorbed the tendencies of the cartilaginous forces that surrounded fracture at time of healing. Hence that given which would counterbalance the circulatory system to make for the effective activity of those properties in the elements through the diet to complete absorption in body.

4. (Q) Should the body eat roughage such as bran, fruit skins, potato skins, etc?

(A) These have their part in the producing of elements in the system for betterment of general conditions, and in moderation should be taken by the body.

5. (Q) What cathartics are least irritating and most effective in improving eliminations for this body?

(A) Olive oil would be the most effective, taken in very small quantities but often.

6. (Q) Are the scars on the legs or stomach detrimental in any way to the proper functioning of the body?

(A) Little or no hindrance. These may be aided in being removed by sufficient time, precaution and persistence in activity; by the massage over those portions of small quantities at a time of Tincture of Myrrh and Olive Oil, and Camphorated Oil. These would be massaged at different times, to be sure; one one day and the other the second day from same - see? In preparing the Olive Oil and Tincture of Myrrh, heat the oil and add the myrrh - equal portions, only preparing such a quantity as would be used at each application. The Camphorated Oil may be obtained in quantity. Only massage such quantities as the cuticle and epidermis will absorb. This will require, to be sure, a long period, but remember the whole surface may be entirely changed if this is done persistently and consistently. In the massaging, do not massage so roughly to produce irritation. The properties are to be absorbed. Do not merely pat the solution on, but do not use tufts of cotton or other properties to dab it on - dip the fingertips into the solution, and it won't hurt the fingers either - it'll be good for them! and massage into affected portions.

7. (Q) Would an electrical instrument be of assistance in removing the scars?

(A) There are those instruments that may be helpful, but it would require their use in the hands of experienced individuals - and then the results would not be as effectual or as well done as nature's methods in applying properties such as outlined. For, the therapeutic value of the properties given to the skin itself is as follows: As given, as known and held by the ancients more than the present modes of medication, olive oil - properly prepared (hence pure olive oil should always be used) - is one of the most effective agents for stimulating muscular activity, or mucus-membrane activity, that may be applied to a body. Olive Oil, then, combined with the Tincture of Myrrh will be very effective; for the Tincture of Myrrh acts with the pores of the skin in such a manner as to strike in, causing the circulation to be carried to affected parts where tissue has been in the nature of folds - or scar tissue, produced from superficial activity from the active forces in the body itself, in making for coagulation in any portion of the system, whether external or internal. And, as indicated in the specific conditions referred to in relation to this body, will be MOST effectual. The Camphorated Oil is merely the same basic force [as Olive Oil] to which has been added properties of Camphor in more or less its raw or original state, than the spirits of same. Such activity in the epidermis is not only to produce soothing to affected areas but to stimulate the circulation in such effectual ways and manners as to combine with the other properties in bringing what will be determined, in the course of two to two and a half years, a new skin!

8. (Q) Are wines harmful to the body?

(A) As indicated, wines - for the stomach sick - are helpful.

9. (Q) Having recommended a stay in Arizona this winter, suggest the most suitable place for the periods mentioned.

(A) Either Phoenix or Prescott, particularly if there is to be the seeking for the indicated conditions in the country. Phoenix, and north and west from there, at not great distances, may be found two or three various deposits of the lapis that may be found to be most beneficial in many of the experimentations in which the body is particularly interested. Ringle, [1/9/34 See 440-11, Par. 25-A saying A. L. Ringle is meant in Phoenix] in this particular portion of the country, is interested in mines of various characters, but don't be carried off by him into gold prospecting, or into the searching for the more precious gems. For, lapis is not considered a high quality of gem; rather a very low form, but for that indicated in the character of the stone itself, it would be most helpful in creating that vibration which will make for developments of certain characters of demonstrations with any psychic forces or psychic individuals.

This may be - will be - a very interesting experiment for the body. Go to the New York Museum of Natural History. Sit by a large quantity of this type of stone and listen at it sing! Do it in the open! Don't let others make a fool of you, or their remarks overcome you - but sit by it and listen at it sing; for it does! It's from Arizona.

10. (Q) Would you suggest any particular ranch in Arizona?

(A) We have suggested here a contact which will not only be all over ranches, but rather a contact that would be very good for seeking out in ANY field of activity!

11. (Q) Describe these stones so that the body may be able to locate them.

(A) Go and look at them in the museum! [See 12/30/33 ltr., 440-3, Par. R3 also 440-9 on 1/3/34.]

12. (Q) How should they be set and cut?

(A) As pendant, either on wrist and worn on body or around the waist.

13. (Q) What results may we expect from such setting and cutting?

(A) Now we are going backwards from what we have given! These, as indicated, are not the channels to be relied upon except in creating the atmosphere. The same thing may be done with an oak tree, or with a persimmon tree - but the activities that come about are because of the emanations thrown off from the stones themselves to the active forces in the body itself!

14. (Q) We are told [via Mr. [317]'s automatic writing] these stones are located in the Colorado river beds. Is this correct?

(A) They may be found in Colorado river beds, yes - but there's acres of them in other places than river beds!

Now, in connection with these, there may be found others of more precious stones - but DO NOT be carried off to seeking these, because you are going into a country and into a field where LATER the interest may be turned, but not in the particular period through February and March!

15. (Q) Since the body desires to follow the treatment recommended as closely as possible, what locality would you advise for the body during January?

(A) Where he'll be close to those activities in which the indications for the carrying on may be most easily obtainable.

16. (Q) Is Dr. Cold's instrument, designed for [440] of real medical value? a diagram of which I hold in my hand? [See mother's rdg. 443-2 showing diagram of her instrument.] (A) This is rather approached from the wrong angle! It isn't of a MEDICAL value so much as of an ATOMICAL value to the vibrations of the body!

As we find, that set out isn't altogether as proper as might be set. If we would take the same character, though set from a different type of machine, we would rather take that one of Frischkorn's than this! [Carl S. Frischkorn, N.D.] [M.D.,D.C.]

17. (Q) Will the construction and use of the instrument suggested for [440] by Cold, a diagram of which I hold in my hand, be of value to others or to him?

(A) If once ever worked out properly! Some of the connections that deal with the emanations must have their rise from a different character of vibration, as we find.

18. (Q) Suggest a more beneficial hook up or method of construction if there be one.

(A) This would require considerable experimentation, though the general basis of the hook up or construction may be given.

These should be set in a more positive or rather a concrete order, see? That is, the activities of the galvanic effect of the vibrations, that make for the production of emanations from the body as related to kindred conditions or bodies, are not in their proper ratio. Then, these once set, there may be added in toto such principles or vibrations that will make for the emanations from the machine that is set to the vibrations of the body, as to neutralize the conditions in the system, see?

This doesn't say how to hook it up. But there will be required rather the experimentations, so that the galvanic forces from the connections that are made, to find the various areas through which there are the active influences in the system, may be made more concrete, so that they may be pointed out directly on a chart, see, to the body!

Now, when these are once set in this direction, the mineral or vegetable forces may be set in the machine as to issue emanations that will produce the regular rate or ratio of positive and negative force in a body.

19. (Q) Give specific information regarding the construction of the crystal in this machine and outline the theory behind the whole instrument.

(A) The theory is from the atomic vibrations of a body. The constructions of the crystals are those that make for the PRODUCING of that which will show to what portion, and as to what ratio the various portions of the body vibrate one with another. Hence, as indicated, in THIS portion of same, we are in no way near to what is the correct galvanic reaction to it! As to how to cut or prepare the stone for same, as WE would find, rather than the stone the elements that may be combined would be of greater influence. Though the stone may be worked from its activity very good, WE wouldn't work it from that!

20. (Q) What elements would be combined to use in place of crystal?

(A) Uranium, platinite - or platinum in its basic form, and gold (from which the arsenic is taken).

21. (Q) In what proportions?

(A) Uranium three parts. The gold (with the properties in same removed, the arsenic, see?) four parts. The other to complete until ten.

22. (Q) How would they be combined?

(A) In flux. That's in heat, which would be to 280.

23. (Q) Centigrade?

(A) Centigrade.

24. (Q) Are the diagnoses which I hold in my hand correct for date given?

(A) Considering what we have given as to the emanations from the crystal, it would not be from this reasoning, see? From the reasoning shown by Cold's activity, yes. But they are not as effective in bringing the proper balance, as WE find, as may be had with the construction of this machine - making or using as its central point the emanations from these elements. [GD's note: Could this machine have been similar to one later used by D.C.'s called a radionic appliance?]

25. (Q) Do the aurascopic pictures which I hold in my hand represent actual conditions on the dates given?

(A) Not as we find. If viewed from the actual emanations through the auras of the body itself (not aura, but auras), they would be quite different!

To gain the proper aura from a mechanical manner, prepare an aurascope like this:

Make prisms, or combined prisms - see? Jena [Encyclopedia Britannica cc 1957: JENA, a university town of Germany... seat of the famous Zeiss firm of optical instrument makers] glass for the white one, lapis for the blue one, the blood ruby for the red one, the yellow lapis for the yellow one. Combine these on a spindle, so that each may be turned through an opening that is directed towards a body. With the second turn there will come into vision, for anyone of any psychic ability, the direct aura - physical AND spiritual - for anyone at whom it is pointed.

In making the diagnosis, it would require the nude body; and those portions of the body affected will show the various tints or forms of depressions, ranging from all colors that are negative in their action to life - which are leaden and various shades of purple, and the orange that turns towards red. These prisms would be set. They would be of these dimensions: From a quarter (1/4 inch on the thin edge to a three-quarter (3/4) on the heavy edge. An inch (1") wide and two inches (2) long. Necessarily two sets would be prepared, so that there may be the vision from both eyes - for in few people is vision exactly the same in both eyes; but these would be so set that they would be turned on an axis, an inch to two inches (1" to 2") apart, see? so they would turn around, see?

26. (Q) Would the axis be through the center?

(A) The axis would be that the prisms would be set in a holder on the axis. Of course, do not attempt to bore through the prisms themselves - but these are set in holders, see, in something like the leaves of a willowing fan.

27. (Q) What is the distance from the eyes to the prisms?

(A) Nine inches (9").

28. (Q) Are any other lenses necessary?

(A) Naturally the plain glass in the end of the scope, and turned - you see - or set on axis so that the vision comes as one; as when looking through the scope that makes for the projection of flat object as to give them the perspective value to the whole, see? [See 440-6.]

29. (Q) Dr. Cold gives [440]'s cosmic number as 20. Is this true, and what does it mean?

(A) We would rather say twenty-three (23).

30. (Q) What is the meaning of twenty-three?

(A) A body balanced mentally, physically, spiritually; for it is as the perfect odd number, divisible by nothing - hence perfect in its ratio to one.

Twenty would be rather bad, and would make him rather weak in his feet and in his legs - you see; which, if kept in balance, ISN'T existent!

31. (Q) What is the best substance for induction, conduction, transmission of etheronic energy?

(A) This is as raised power that would be produced from a combination of crystals. This should be rather interesting to this body, for it is very much like that used by the body in the Atlantean sojourn! Not that which caused the cosmic ray, or the death ray, or the healing ray - but the ray that came from setting of the prismatic influences from high heating - it may be from Arcturus or it may be from the Sun; though Arcturus would be nearer proper. The Sun may be induced to make for destructive or constructive forces, either one. It's a combination of those forces or rays that may be gathered in certain setting of prisms. It would require a lot of detail in preparing same. We would rather refer this to a later period, or seek other channels that may aid with the combination of these.

32. (Q) Is Mr. [317] a good channel [via automatic writing] to seek through?

(A) The better would be through yourself! or we may call other forces in here later, through another sitting.

33. We are through for the present.

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