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Edgar Cayce on Alcoholism & Addictive Tendencies


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 27th day of July, 1934, in accordance with request made by the self - Mr. [606], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by Gray Salter.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. [606], Gray Salter, Mildred Davis and L. B. Cayce.


Time of Reading
3:20 to 3:40 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [606], present in this room.

2. Now, as we find, there are definite disturbances in the physical forces of the body that make for those reactions that produce the incontrollable appetites, and the activities of the body in those directions where there is the tendency for the body to produce or make for - within self - condemnations that make for those activities that only aggravate, or produce the greater tendencies for those physical conditions that are disturbed to MAGNIFY in the body the desires.

3. These, then, are conditions as we find them in this body, [606] we are speaking of, present in this room:

4. As we find, in times back there have been those injuries to portions of the nerve system - and specifically in the 3rd dorsal plexus - that has broken those connections between the sympathetic and cerebrospinal system. These in the physical forces of the body, then, produce to the sensory system - through the associations of the ganglia here with the sensory activities in the brain forces, in the impulses to the imaginative forces of the body - that which MAGNIFIES; not a clot, not any incoordination - as is sometimes seen from such, but the tendon nerves - or those activities that make for the proper associations here - are lacking.

5. In making, then, those activities to the BLOOD SUPPLY, these - as we see - are not normal; yet with the removal of those things that tend to produce to the assimilating system the evaluations to the body of that which may be assimilated, there may be brought near normalcy.

6. Also in the NERVE SYSTEM there are those things that are to be met in these ends.

7. As to the physical functionings of the ORGANS of the body, the discernments in the brain forces - when normal - are good.

8. Activities to the sensory system - eyes, ears, nose, throat and activities here - are overexaggerated; so that at times just by the mere odor of this or that the appetites are enlivened to such states, such conditions, that these become intolerable to the body. At other times the sight of various activities or conditions bring to bear on the mind those impulses that, receiving that incoordination between the cerebrospinal and sympathetic system, become overactive to portions of the body. Hence these must be as impulses, as appetites, as any condition wherein there is what may be termed the forming of habits, then the habit-FORMING activities that arise from the impulse of the circulatory system to supply the activity to the impulses to the brain forces must be acted upon. Not that this may be done wholly by suggestive forces; for, as has been indicated, there are PHYSICAL conditions that exist, and lack of elements in the body to keep the nerve impulses; so that with the carrying on of these conditions there has been gradually torn down those repulses that have been created in the nerve system. While the desire-physical in the body is NOT to give over to such things, the activities are so impulsive as to produce the effects wherein these may NOT be RESISTED.

9. Now, to build that resistance is that required to bring normalcy for this body; and WE find that this may be accomplished in adding those elements in the system that will build this resistance in the nerve forces, but that will aid in the nerve impulses in the ganglia that are so disordered here, as to reproduce nerve ends in the system; and the REPULSION by the strengthening of these will bring normalcy for this body, [606].

10. To do this, then, we would first begin as follows:

11. To 15 ounces of distilled water add 15 grains Chloride of Gold.

12. Then, to 5 ounces of distilled water add 10 grains Bromide of Soda.

13. Keep these two solutions separate until the two necessary elements or factors are added in the dosage when ready to be taken, to produce in the body that necessary to bring about normalcy for the body, and to make for repulsing those desires that have so brought about these conditions in the system.

14. Begin with the dosage, twice each day, as follows:

15. In half a glass of water put, the first day, when each of the two doses is taken:

Chloride Gold solution...............1 minim,
Bromide Soda solution................2 minims.

The next day:

Chloride Gold solution...............2 minims,
Bromide Soda solution................4 minims.

The next day:

Chloride Gold solution...............3 minims,
Bromide Soda solution................6 minims.

16. And so on until there is being given five [5] minims of Gold and ten [10] minims of Bromide of Soda. See?

17. Each day the dosage as described above would be given twice, in half a glass of water.

18. Begin immediately also with the use of the wet cell battery. Make the first anode attachment to the plexus in the 3rd dorsal. The plate carrying the Chloride of Gold solution would be placed over the lacteal duct, so that the vibrations carried into the system from the solution will be active to produce repulsive forces and combine with those elements that will build into the system the necessary forces to bring normalcy for this body of [606]. This battery is not charged, you see, but is the one that charges itself. As we find, there will be required at least two chargings of the battery; that is, twenty-six days for each one; or in fifty-six days we should have a near normal condition. And the abilities are there! Follow these activities and there will be restored in self first the confidence in self and in its abilities to meet any emergency. For first know self, and those factors that make for the creative desire for the expression of life in itself as to Creative Forces; not aggrandizement of self's own desires or self's own interest; and we will find normalcy, and MUCH may be expected of THIS body in its activity.

19. Ready for questions.

20. (Q) When giving the Gold and Soda solutions, when reaching the 5 drops of Gold and 10 drops of Soda, should the body begin all over again with the 1 drop of Gold and 2 drops of Soda, or take a rest?

(A) Rest two days and then begin all over again with the 1 and 2 drops, and so on as given.

21. (Q) How long at a time should the battery be applied?

(A) Not over twenty minutes at any time. Let the battery be discharging, of course, before it is attached to the body, or be connected for at least three to five minutes before being attached to the body. Keep all anodes clean. Make close contact to the 3rd dorsal center, you see, and to the lacteal duct area; that's just above the umbilicii [umbilical] cord to the right, and those portions where the ASSIMILATED foods go into the system.

Do these.

Let the diets be those that are kept well balanced. No highly seasoned foods at any time. Only those that are body, nerve and blood building; and the repulsions will be there!

22. (Q) Should any alcoholic stimulant be taken? If so, in what form? Beer, wine or hard liquor?

(A) Naturally, there will be the desire. It should be gradually weakened and weakened; and four or five days - well, he won't want it - without vomiting up his shoe soles! Whether it's hard liquor or what! Alcohol won't work with gold! This is the gold treatment, but it builds the resistance!

Massage and massage activity will be helpful; as well as keeping in the open all the time.

Do this, and we will bring normalcy for this body.

23. (Q) In alcoholic cases, can a general outline of treatment be given?

(A) No. Each individual has its own individual problems. Not ALL are PHYSICAL. Hence there are those that are of the sympathetic nature, or where there has been the possession by the very activity of same; but gold will destroy desire in any of them!

24. We are through for the present.

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