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A Research Letter - 1968
William A. McGarey, M.D.

with comments on Muscular Dystrophy and Scleroderma

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Medical Research Division
4018 N. 40th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
William A. McGarey, M.D., Director

Dear Doctor,

As you can see, this is only a semi-personalized letter. Thus, you may or may not have been present at the 1968 Edgar Cayce Foundation Medical Symposium held here in Phoenix early in January. If you were, I am sure you will share with me my enthusiasm in an experience which, for the first time, brought physicians together to discuss concepts of physiology and therapy found in the Edgar Cayce readings. If you were not, you can find some of that experience still recorded on tape at the A.R.E. Tape Library (see address below) and available to be borrowed.

Various parts of the country were represented Pennsylvania Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, California and Arizona. To add spice to the proceedings, two present residents of Phoenix who attended have spent most of their lives in Egypt and India, respectively.

Most of the physicians in attendance, I believe, began to feel that the strange language of the Cayce readings was unraveling into understandable physiology. There began to emerge a recognition that the suggestions for therapy in the readings were based on physiological concepts that are only now being proven in the laboratories throughout the world. Strange bedfellows: - sleep phenomena, osteopathic manipulations, hypnotherapy, cellular physiology, castor oil packs - all these began to show relationship as the dynamics of the body, the mind and the soul as a unit were explored, even to the theory of the Dynamics of Human Interaction and Love.

Use of these concepts in the practice of medicine began to be an idea with portfolio, so to speak, as case presentations were made - one a woman with scleroderma; the other a man with muscular dystrophy. Both of these individuals showed a significantly improved clinical condition in the early stages of therapy using only concepts taken from the readings.

Perhaps the most dramatic incident of the entire three-day period followed the scleroderma case presentation. Cayce insisted in each scleroderma reading that this was a disease process that involved tubercle bacilli in the skin. When I presented the case, I reported this fact as one of the physiological considerations - since I was presenting the commentary as Cayce saw it. However, I apologized for his tubercle bacilli, since nowhere had I seen record of such being the case in any of the medical discussions on scleroderma. After the presentation was over, we were handed an article entitled "Acid-fast Microorganisms as a Possible Cause of Scleroderma". (Medicina Cutanea, Ano 1-N. 6-Mayo 1967, paginas 583-596. Editorial Cientifico-Medica - Barcelona) This article, written in Spanish, was given us by the prime author, present at the symposium, A. R. Cantwell, Jr., M.D., who did the work with Craggs, Wilson and Swatek at the Department of Dermatology, Long Beach V.A. Hospital. Microscopic demonstration of the organisms was made and Cayce's unconscious visualization of what he called tubercle bacilli no longer needed even an uninformed apology. [See 3/16/68 Dr. Cantwell's letter enclosing a reprint of the Scleroderma article printed in English.]

You have signified your interest in treating A.R.E. members or acting in a consultation capacity when these people want to be treated according to the readings. What happened here in Phoenix last month was a long first step toward making your desire to participate in the research of the Edgar Cayce Foundation much more of a reality. We plan to send you information from time to time. We are making up a notebook that will be of reference help to you. A list of pharmaceutical suggestions from the readings is in the process of being prepared (early stages), and we have already put the 1969 Medical Symposium on the schedule for January 10th through 14th, which is Friday through Tuesday. The winter A.R.E. Lecture Conference for Phoenix and the southwest will follow this, the latter part of the week, for those of you who are interested.

You are encouraged to write us for information or for any sort of help you will need in approaching the use of these physiological concepts in your practice of medicine. I would be most happy to supply you with all the information we have come up with to the present time.

May you have a thoroughly vital and productive year...

Very sincerely yours,

William A. McGarey, M.D.


Edgar Cayce Library

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