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The Cayce Cleansing Diet

by William McGarey, M.D., &
the staff of the A.R.E. Clinic

Who may benefit:

Individuals with an urgent need to alkalinize and purify their bodies may benefit from eating according to Cayce’s Cleansing Diet. This diet is primarily recommended for people who have forms of cancer, poor excretory function, or systemic hyperacidity. Other conditions may benefit from its use.

Breakfast may include:

Fruits, fresh or frozen; fruit salad; occasional stewed fruits, such as figs, apples, peaches, or apricots.

“Mummy food,” which is equal portions of stewed dates and figs, plus a teaspoon of raw wheat germ per serving.

One or two raw or lightly cooked egg yolks, served only a few times each week.

Fruit juices, from either citrus or concord grape; in either case preferably no more than 2 oz. juice diluted diluted with an equal portion of water.

Lunch may include:

Carrot juice, 2 oz.

Large leafy salad, with a small amount of other vegetables as garnish. No pickled vegetables.

Salad may be dressed with a citrus, olive oil, and herb dressing. (No vinegar.)

Cooked vegetables or vegetable soup, if the digestion is poor or the body needs warmth. Vegetable soup may not contain any meats or beans or grain products.

1 tsp. of Beef Juice, with one Ry-Krisp cracker.

Dinner may include:

Four portions of cooked fresh or frozen vegetables. These vegetables are preferably cooked in Patapar paper or steamed, lightly seasoned, with a very small amount of olive oil or butter.

Anything that may be served at lunch.

In Between Meals and Before Bed (optional):

Fruit, preferably fresh fruit. Dried fruit can be taken occasionally, in small amounts.

Water - about 1 oz. for every 2 lbs. of body weight - should be taken daily.

Citrus or concord grape juice, diluted with an equal amount of water.

Herb tea.

Can and Cannot Have:

Cannot have any canned or store-bought pre-prepared foods. May have fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Please do not drink with meals, other than as provided above. Preferably do not sweeten foods. Avoid all acid forming foods, such as meats, dried beans, nuts, seeds, and grains — and all products made from them, such as tofu, tempeh, and all forms of pasta. Sprouted beans and grains are acceptable, but sprouted grain bread can be taken only in moderation. Must avoid vinegar and all pickled foods. Some individuals may have a small quantity of milk or yogurt, especially at breakfast.

Edgar Cayce Library

The A.R.E. Clinic regularly refers people interested in the metaphysical work of Edgar Cayce to the A.R.E., Inc., which is a separate nonprofit organization in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They are a membership organization, and members are allowed to borrow from their library as well as purchase books from their bookstore.

A.R.E. - Edgar Cayce Library

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