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The Cayce Arthritis Diet
by William McGarey, M.D.

Basic Principles

1. Eat liberal amounts of fruits and vegetables - fresh if possible, frozen or dried second best. Include a large raw vegetable salad as one main meal daily. Combine raw vegetables with gelatin often.

2. Watch your acid-alkaline balance.

3. Avoid poor food combinations.

4. Balance foods grown above and below the ground - 3 above to 1 below. Eat more leafy vegetables than pod-type.

Do Not Eat

1. White, bleached, or refined flour or grains or products made from these processed grains.

2. Refined sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, molasses, or products made with them, such as jams, marmalades, ice cream, pastries, or candies.

3. Chocolate.

4. Milk or cream (very small amounts of milk allowed).

5. Pork (including bacon), beef, or veal.

6. Fat, especially animal fat.

7. Fried foods.

8. Canned foods.

9. Spices or highly seasoned food.

10. Alcohol.

11. Beer, malt drinks, or carbonated water (soft drinks).

12. Cabbage or starchy foods.

13. Apples, bananas, strawberries, or fresh tomatoes.

These Foods Should Be Included in Your Diet

1. All kinds of raw vegetables (except cabbage and fresh tomatoes): especially watercress, chard, mustard greens, kale, carrots, celery, lettuce (not iceberg).

2. Use only whole grain products. Balck bread in moderation (pumpernickel, rye, or whole wheat).

3. Raw nuts, especially almonds and filberts.

4. Fish and seafood, fowl, lamb, wild game, liver, tripe, and pig knuckles (the only exception to the "no pork" rule).

5. Vegetable juices, citrus fruit juices (at times when cereal products are not eaten).

6. Berries (except strawberries) and citrus fruits.

7. Cooked leafy vegetables (except cabbage), pieplant, parsnips, potato peelings (not potato cores).

8. Jerusalem artichoke once each week (also known as a "sunchoke").

9. A great deal of watercress and beet tops. (These especially help the eliminations.)

10. All fruits (except apples, banana, and strawberries), preferably fresh.

11. Sweet milk and buttermilk in small amounts occasionally.

12. Small amounts of honey.

13. Use a nut/seed oil, such as olive or peanut oil.

14. Small amounts of black coffee or tea, with no milk or cream, as permitted by your physician.

15. Small amounts of cheese and two or three soft-cooked or poached eggs per week as permitted by your physician.

Avoid Food Combinations Such as

1. Acid fruits with starches, including tomato sauce on pasta.

2. Fruits and vegetables at the same meal.

3. Starches combined with proteins or sweets, such as steak and potatoes, or most desserts.

Acid-Alkaline Balance

Some foods are acid forming when eaten and others are alkaline forming. The diet should be adjusted so that the proper balance is maintained in the body. The right balance is 80% alkaline to 20% acid. In order to obtain an 80% alkaline balance in your diet, four out of five helpings should come from the alkaline-forming foods list (which is basically all fruits and vegetables).

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