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The Charred Oak Keg:
A Treatment for Respiratory Illnesses


The Charred Oak Keg is a remedy for respiratory illnesses that has been used at the A.R.E. Clinic for decades. It appears to be helpful in resolving virtually any kind of abnormal condition in the lungs. Its effectiveness probably stems from a stimulation of the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, and by this mechanism it would relieve bronchial spasms, clear the lungs of toxins and lesions, enhance immunity to bacteria and viruses, and improve a diminished respiratory capacity.

Illnesses that seem to be positively affected by this simple traditional remedy include emphysema, scleroderma, lung cancer, valley fever, tuberculosis, and many others. While you do not need a doctor's approval to begin using this remedy, for best results you should contact a doctor familiar with the Charred Oak Keg so that your therapy can be better coordinated.

For more mild respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis, the A.R.E. Clinic uses the Inspirol inhalant, which is used in the same manner as the Charred Oak Keg.

Instructions for Use

Remove plug from the side of the keg. Place the keg in a bathtub or other large container and completely immerse it in water for 48 hours. This soaking will cause the wooden slats to swell and the seams to seal. Remove it from the water, drain it, and let it dry overnight.

With the keg on its side, fill the keg halfway with two bottles (fifths) of either 80 or 100 proof apple brandy. When not in use, keep the keg tightly corked and in a relatively warm area - but, of course, away from conditions that might ignite the alcohol. The warmth usually results in a greater concentration of apple brandy vapor in the keg, and this makes the treatments more effective.

To take a treatment, insert a plastic tube (1/4" to 1/2" diameter, usually provided) into the keg, keeping the inserted end above the level of the liquid. Place the other end of the tube in your mouth - like a straw - and inhale the brandy fumes slowly and deeply into your lungs. If you find this makes you cough, you must inhale more slowly.

Hold the fumes (if you can) for a count of three, and on future occasions try to extend the count to ten or even twenty. The treatment works better the longer the fumes are held in the lungs. Also, the length of time you can hold the fumes is an indicator of the degree to which you have improved. A person with no respiratory problem can inhale the brandy vapor deeply with no problem and can hold it for as long as they can normally hold their breath.

Frequency of treatment: Take a total of four inhalations from the keg. That is considered to be one treatment. The minimum number of treatments a person can take and still see improvement appears to be four treatments a day, each treatment separated by several hours. For a more severe illness, it is better to use the keg more often, taking treatments as often as once every hour.

When the fumes become weaker, the keg can be "recharged." It normally takes about six months for the brandy to lose its strength, but improper corking can reduce this time.

To recharge the keg you must empty it and re-soak it - as given above - and then refill it with new brandy. If you fail to re-soak the keg, you will probably find that in a month or two your keg will begin leaking. If you notice that your keg is leaking, pour the brandy from it into a container, re-soak the keg, and put the brandy back in. If the keg still leaks, it is time to get a new keg.

Most conditions are resolved before there is a need to buy a new keg.

People using the Charred Oak Keg will often benefit from using the Inspirol remedy as well, as the keg cannot be transported in a vehicle (it counts as an open container of alcohol), and it cannot be used in most work environments. Inspirol, however, can be taken with a person wherever they go, and it doesn't leave an odor of brandy upon the breath.

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