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The Atomidine & Glyco-Thymoline Douche Therapy

Materials Needed:

  • Atomidine - 10 drops per quart douche, or as directed by your physician

  • Glyco-Thymoline - 1 teaspoon per quart douche, or as directed

  • Douche kit - a standard item which may be obtained at most drugstores

An Easy, Effective Treatment for Women

In his readings, Cayce recommended douches with Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline. There were variations in the way this was given to individuals, so for our medical practice at the A.R.E. Clinic we developed a standardized method for this treatment that seems to work very well.

The alternating douches of Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline are used for abnormal conditions in the female reproductive system, including abnormal pap smears, yeast infections, cervical polyps, uterine fibroid tumors, and more.
To do this treatment at home, you'll need to purchase one bottle each of Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline (both are available through the Cayce Corner online store) and a douche kit that you can re-use.

How to Apply the Therapy
Use the Atomidine douche on the first day, and on the next day use the Glyco-Thymoline douche. Continue in this fashion for 7 days, alternating between the Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline douches, then rest for 7 days.
Begin douches again, starting with the Atomidine douche.
After 6 weeks of the douche series (3 weeks on, 3 weeks off), repeat the pap smear or other test.
Feel free to continue douching through your menstrual period. In fact, this therapy can make menses easier, often reducing or eliminating the symptoms associated with difficult menses or premenstrual stress.
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