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 To: Students of the Cayce readings
 From: arescott

 For, as was given of old, the Glory of God shall be manifested among
 men; for He, God, hath spoken it, hath promised it to the sons of men.

 Yet this Glory must become aware in the experience of each in the
 same order, the same manner, as every law of the Lord. They that
 would know God or His Glory must believe that He IS, and a rewarder
 of those that diligently seek Him.

 If ye would know God, if ye would know His Glory, DO GOOD unto thy
 fellow man! Give expression of that love as the Son gave in His
 ministry among men; who went about doing good, giving praise and
 Glory. Not to self, not to a period, not to an ideal, but to God.
 For, as He gave, "Of myself I can do nothing, but that the Glory
 of God may be manifested among men - for this cause, for this
 purpose came I into the world." [262-91]