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Cayce Corner Quick Index
All of the most popular Cayce Remedies at your fingertips!

Arnica Gel, 1.5 oz5.50
Arnica Ointment, 1 oz5.50
Arnica Massage Oil -
   1/2 oz2.50
   4 oz11.00
   32 oz43.00
Aromatherapy Steam Inhalant7.25
Atomidine, 2 oz10.50
Atomizer (sprayer), 4-8 oz.75
Aura Glow massage oil -
   in Almond, Jasmine,
   Lavender, Rose, Vanilla
or Unscented
   sample pack (4 kinds)7.00
   2 oz (almond only)2.00
   8 oz5.50
Aura Glow Lip Balm4.00
Aura Glow Soap4.25
B-complex & Iron, 8 oz8.25
   16 oz12.75
BenzaTone, 2 oz4.75
Benzoin, Compound Tincture, 2 oz2.50
Camphor, Crystaline6.00
Camphor Spirits, 4 oz5.50
Carbon Steel4.00
Castile Soap, Conti3.75
Casto-Vera Cream, 2 oz6.75
Castor Oil, 4 oz3.25
   16 oz (pint)7.00
   32 oz (quart)11.00
   128 oz (gallon)38.00
Castor Oil Pack:
   Pack Holder
   Castor Oil, 16 oz, plus
   Flannel, wool35.00
   Pack Holder29.00
Castor Oil Soap4.00
Cayce's Basic Massage Oil
   peanut & olive oil, 8 oz5.50
Charcoal Capsules9.75
Charred Oak Keg80.00
Cimex Lectularius 12X6.00
CocaRub, 4 oz6.50
Cocoa Butter, 4 oz6.50
Cola Syrup, 16 oz6.75
Crudoleum -
   plain, 15 oz8.00
   scented, 15 oz8.25
Hair Conditioner, 16 oz5.75
Hair Rinse, 16 oz5.50
Shampoo, 8 oz6.25
Dermaglow, 2 oz3.75
Detense Tonic, 8 oz10.00
Dropper Bottle, 1 oz1.25
Egyptian Oil, 8 oz6.50
   without mineral oil6.50
Flannel, cotton (13x15)7.75
wool (12x36)5.95
Formula 208 tonic, 8 oz12.00
Formula 545 tonic, 8 oz9.50
Formula 636 tonic, 8 oz11.00
Formula 637 tonic, 8 oz12.00
Gold Chloride, 3 oz10.00
Gold Cream, 2 oz18.00
Gold Rush massage liniment, 4 oz7.00
Heating Pad23.00
Herbal Heat Rub7.50
HPM (Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash)4.75
Incense, Nag Champa1.75
Inspirol inhalant8.00
Iodex ointment7.25
Ipsab, 2 oz7.50
Ipsab Concentrate, 1 oz5.75
Ipsab Tooth Powder, 4 oz5.50
Ipsadent Mouth Rinse8.50
Ipsadent Spray, 2 oz3.50
Iron Tincture, 3 oz6.50
Jerusalem Artichoke Tablets, 250 tablets10.00
Lanolin, 4 oz3.75
Lavender Water, 4 oz3.25
Limewater, 4 oz4.50
Lithia Water, 4 oz5.50
Mother Earth's Cough Syrup, 4 oz5.50
Muscle Treat liniment,
4 oz
Mutton Tallow, 2 oz2.25
Myrrh Tincture, 4 oz11.00
Olive Leaf Extract, 1 oz11.00
Olive Oil Shampoo -
   plain or almond, 8 oz5.50
   plain or almond, 16 oz8.75
Olive Oil Soap4.00
Optikade tonic, 8 oz12.50
Passion Flower Fusion20.00
Patapar Paper, reusable4.50
Peanut Oil, 16 oz (pint)5.50
   32 oz (quart)9.00
   128 oz (gallon)35.00
Pedicure foot liniment, 2 oz5.50
Pine Tar Shampoo -
   plain, 8 oz6.75
   w/Olive Oil Shampoo, 8 oz5.75
Pine Tar Soap4.50
Radio-Active Appliance170.00
Ragweed Tincture11.25
Ray's Medicated Liquid7.25
Ray's Medicated Ointment9.50
Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower)
   10 ml10.50
   20 ml16.00
   cream, .9 oz11.00
Rosewater, 4 oz3.25
   8 oz5.00
Scarmassage, cream5.00
   roll-on lotion6.75
Silver Nitrate, 3 oz20.00
Sodium Bromide2.00
Sole Soother3.25
Teas, 50 bags:
   Chamomile Tea3.75
   Cinnamon Tea4.25
   Cleansing Tea4.50
   14 Herb Tea4.25
   Peppermint Tea3.50
   Relaxing Tea4.25
   Pau D'Arco Tea4.50
Teas, loose:
   Chaparral Leaves, 4 oz4.00
   Mullein Leaves, 2 oz2.50
   Prickly Ash Bark, 3 oz4.50
   Saffron, American, 2 oz3.75
   Slippery Elm Bark, 2 oz4.50
   Watermelon Seeds,
4 oz
Tea Tree Shampoo,
8 oz
Tea Tree Soap,
8 oz
Temple Healer, 2 oz6.00
Tiger Balm Liquid Liniment8.25
Tiger Balm Ultra Rub6.50
Tim Ointment7.50
Tolu Balsam Tincture3.75
Traumeel Ointment/Gel, 1.76 oz13.50
Turpentine Spirits, 2 oz3.00
Valerian Tincture, 4 oz13.25
Vibratory Massager30.00
Vicco Toothpaste3.50
Violet Ray (w/general applicator)170.00
extra general, comb/rake, or
rod applicator25.00
Wet Cell Kit170.00
recharge kit9.00
copper sulphate5.00
sulfuric acid (25%)3.50
zinc strip, 30 grain.50
Wet Cell Accessories:
solution jar & loop
6 oz (lead or copper)13.50
sm. copper electrode18.00
sm. nickel electrode27.00
abdominal electrode30.00
solution jar, empty 6 oz1.50
interconnect wire6.00
belt for securing plates9.00
White Balsam5.50

Popular Cayce Books -
"Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing"6.99
"Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy"14.95
"Edgar Cayce Home Medicine Guide"10.95
"Edgar Cayce Remedies"6.99
"Heal Arthritis"12.95
"Healing Miracles"8.95
"Healing Psoriasis"24.95
"In Search of Healing"12.00
"The Oil That Heals"12.95
"Edgar Cayce's Guide to Colon Care"19.95
"The Story of Edgar Cayce: There Is A River" (EC bio)6.95
Our newest Cayce book by Dr. William McGarey:
"Jesus: A Closer Walk"9.95

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Cayce Corner Remedies

Cayce Books - Cayce Energy Devices - Quick Index

Also known as the "Cayce steam inhalant," this remedy is best for acute respiratory symptoms such as sinus congestion, sore throat, and hacking cough. Just boil water in a kettle, pour it into a disposable container, add a splash of Aromatherapy, and inhale the steamy fumes. Contains Eucalyptus Oil, Pine Needle Oil, and more.
Aromatherapy, 4 oz. $ 7.25

Arnica 6X
Best if used soon after injury, homeopathic Arnica pellets can help bring about a system-wide healing response to bruising and muscle strain. We also use Arnica 6x directly after surgery to help the body make a speedy recovery.
Arnica 6x, 275 pellets $ 5.25

Arnica Gel or Ointment
Same properties as the sublingual but these are topical. Great for rubbing on bruises and small injuries.
Arnica Gel 1.5 oz. $5.50
Arnica Ointment 1 oz. $5.50

Arnica Massage Oil
In a massage oil, Arnica is great for rubbing into overworked muscles and bruises. Comes in three sizes; 1/2 oz. trial size, 4 oz. and 32 oz.
Arnica Massage Oil .5 oz. $2.50
4 oz. $11.00
32 oz. $43.00

Atomidine is one of the most recommended Cayce remedies. Use it topically for sores and warts, cystic breasts, and orally for mouth and gum sores, and even in douches. If used in the Solution Jar for the Wet Cell or Radio-Active Appliance it is thought to act as a purifier to the lymphatic system and as a coordinating influence on the entire endocrine system. When taken orally, the iodine from Atomidine is believed to be better assimilated by the body than iodine from kelp. However, it cannot be used indiscriminately, because each drop contains approximately six times the RDA for iodine. Nonetheless, Cayce often suggested oral use of Atomidine for various conditions of debilitation. A typical cycle for taking it is one drop in a glass of water one day, two drops the second, and so on up to five on the fifth day, after which it should not be taken for two days. Then the cycle begins again. As a preventive for impactions in the colon, it was recommended to take a single drop of Atomidine in a glass of water each morning. Because of the possibility of accidental overuse, oral use of Atomidine should be recommended by your doctor.
Atomidine contains 1% iodine trichloride.
Atomidine, 2 oz. $10.50

Aura Glow Lip Balm
If you spend much time out in the sun and the wind, you may need to protect your lips. Made of Aura Glow, beeswax, and essential oil flavors, Aura Glow Lip Balm can help prevent painful chapping and burning.
Aura Glow Lip Balm, 1 oz $ 4.00

Aura Glow massage oils
These Cayce recommended oils contain peanut oil, olive oil, lanolin oil and vitamin E. This combination promotes healthy skin! Many fragrances to choose from; Almond (our most popular), Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Vanilla Spice, French Vanilla and unscented.
Aura Glow massage oils, 8oz. $5.50

Aura Glow Sample Pack
Two sample packs to choose from, each contains four different kinds of massage oil in 2 oz. bottles. Sample Pack #1 contains Lavender, Rose, Jasmine and unscented. Sample Pack #2 contains almond, coconut, french vanilla and unscented.
Aura Glow Sample Pack $7.00

Aura Glow Soap
Aura glow Soap uses the same ingredients that appear in the massage oil, with the same benefits! Comes in a 3.5 oz. bar
Aura Glow Soap $4.25

B-Complex & Iron
This is an excellent source of B vitamins in a liquid form that even tastes good. Two sizes to choose from: 8 oz. or 16 oz.
B-Complex And Iron 8 oz. $8.25
16 oz. $12.75

Bentonite Clay
Mud packs have long been used for their many health benefits. They act as drawing poultices, pulling toxins from the skin and underlying tissue. This helps these areas regain a healthier tone. Cayce specifically recommended boncilla clay, which is no longer available. Bentonite Clay, also known as "green clay" or "Aztec Secret" seems to be close to Cayce's specifications.
Bentonite Clay, 1 lb. $ 7.00

Use this to enliven, cleanse and build your skin!
BenzaTone, 2 oz. $4.75

This is a calcium supplement that is rich in trace minerals and easily digested. While it is often thought of as an aid for bones and teeth, Calcios was also recommended to people with arthritis, tuberculosis, poor assimilation, pregnancy, and more. Used moderately, it can also be a digestive aid and stomach soother. Note that this formula differs from the original in that beef bones rather than chicken bones are used as the calcium source. (Contains iodine: take care if using in conjunction with Atomidine. Contains brewer's yeast.)
Calcios, 2 oz. $ 8.50

Campho-Derm is a camphorated oil massage compound used primarily for chest colds, but Cayce used it for a variety of other ills where stimulation of the lymphatic system was needed. Also good for kidney stones.
Campho-Derm, 4 oz. $ 6.00

Cayce recommended this kind of skin cream for the use of calluses, moles, warts, ingrown toenails, and other skin blemishes. It contains castor oil and sodium bicarbonate.
Casoda, 1 oz. $3.75

Castile Soap with Olive Oil
Castile soaps were recommended many times in the readings to soothe various irritations of the skin and scalp.
Castile Soap, Conti, 3 oz. $ 3.75

Castor Oil
Castor Oil is the most recommended treatment here at the A.R.E. Clinic! A pack, placed over the liver, will help detoxify your whole system. It will also booster your immune system. This multi-talented oil will reduce pain, relieve tension and help your digestive tract work better! We sell three sizes, Gallon, quarts and pints.
Castor Oil 16 oz. $7.00
32 oz. $11.00
128 oz. $38.00

Flannel Packs
There are two kinds of flannel packs available: wool and cotton. It is important to use relatively raw, unbleached, undyed fabric for any sort of medicinal pack. Wool Flannel is to be used for Castor Oil Pack therapy, except in those rare cases where the user is allergic to wool. If that is the case, then Cotton Flannel is best. Typically, Cotton Flannel is the fabric of choice for Glycothymoline Packs and Atomidine Packs.
Flannel Wool, 12" x 36" $ 5.95
Cotton, 13" x 21" $ 7.75

Castor Oil Pack Holder
Many people have found it is helpful to have this sturdy piece of cloth and plastic. It's designed specifically for use with adults using Castor Oil Packs placed over the abdomen, liver, or back. It has two long Velcro strips for adjustable fastening, and a handy pouch for a heating pad.
Castor Oil Pack Holder $ 29.00

Heating Pad
This heating pad has 3 different intensity settings (low, medium, and high) and covers a large area.
Heating Pad, 3 settings $ 23.00

Castor Oil Soap
A castile soap with a Castor Oil, Coconut, and Olive Oil base. Castor Oil has been used for millennia as a moisturizer, and is excellent for improving the skin.
Castor Oil Soap, 3.5 oz. $ 4.00

Casto-Vero Cream
A mixture of mostly Castor oil and aloe vera, this moisturizer is outstanding for repairing damage caused by weather or stress!
Casto-Vera Cream, 2 oz. $6.75

Charcoal Capsules
Cayce recommended charcoal capsules for many digestive ills. Activated Charcoal is a natural absorbent for toxins - taken internally, it helps soothe the digestive tract, aid in the elimination of toxins, reduce intestinal gas, and even reduce bad breath!
Charcoal, 100 capsules $ 9.75

Charred Oak Keg
This is Cayce's strongest remedy for respiratory illness. To use it you will need to fill this keg halfway with 100 proof Apple Brandy and inhale the fumes. It's a bit unusual, but it seems to work! Please try and contact your local liquor store for Laird's 100 proof applejack Brandy. But if you have no luck in getting them to special order it for you, call (732) 542-0312 for the distributor nearest you.
Charred Oak Keg $ 80.00

Cimex Lectularius 12X
A homeopathic remedy favored by Cayce for treatment of phlebitis, nephritis, and congestive heart failure, Cimex Lectularius can assist with any condition of swelling or inflammation.
Cimex Lectularius Sublingual 12x, 250 pills $ 6.00

Cola Syrup
According to Cayce, uncarbonated unsweetened cola has an alkalizing influence, is good for the digestion, and a mild diuretic and purifier for the urinary tract. Avoid mixing it with sugar or carbonated water.
Cola Syrup, 16 oz. $ 6.75

Both Cocoa-Rub and Cocoa Butter are great for massaging babies and small children! Also good for dry skin and chapped areas.Coco-Rub is cocoa butter and peanut oil cream
CocaRub, 4 oz. $6.50

Cocoa Butter
This is 100% pure cocoa butter in a 4 oz. jar
Cocoa Butter, 4 oz. $6.50

This is 100% Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil, which Cayce considered best for restoring health to hair and scalp. The Crudoleum is also available in a scented form.
Crudoleum, 15 oz. $8.00
Crudoleum, 15 oz. Scented $8.25

Crudoleum Hair Rinse
This is basically a 1:4 solution of grain alcohol which Cayce indicated was appropriate for removing the crude oil (Crudoleum). It also acts as a cleansing and toning influence upon the skin of the scalp.
Crudoleum Hair Rinse, 16 oz. $ 5.50

Crudoleum Shampoo
If you are looking for a shampoo that will stimulate your scalp, this is it! This shampoo contains a small amount of crude oil and cool, refreshing peppermint!
Crudoleum Shampoo, 8 oz $ 6.25

Crudoleum Hair Conditioner
This wonderful conditioner can be used with any brand of shampoo. Along with a small dose of crude oil, its ingredients include Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Liquid Lanolin, and more.
Crudoleum Hair Conditioner, 15 oz. $ 5.75

Cayce recommended this oil mixture for treatment of acne, acne scars, and poor complexion. It would be best if this were to be used in conjunction with a plan to improve the elimination of toxins.
Dermaglow, 2 oz. $ 3.75

Detense Tonic
Cayce recommended this to eliminate toxins that may contribute to high blood pressure. It contains Sarsaparilla Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Burdock Root, Buchu Leaves, Mandrake Root, and Tolu Balsam.
Detense Tonic, 8 oz. $ 10.00

Egyptian Oil
This formula is our most recommended for arthritis relief. Rub this into the area that hurts and the increased circulation will help take away the pain. Contains mineral, olive, peanut, sassafras, fir needle and lanolin oils. Also available with extra peanut oil!
Egyptian Oil, 8 oz. $6.50
Egyptian Oil w/ extra peanut oil, 8 oz. $6.50

Formula 208
According to Cayce, this formula works in a number of ways to regularize bowel functions, reduce ulcerative colitis, and improve circulation in the tissues of the digestive tract. It is sometimes referred to as the colitis formula or ginseng tonic. Its main ingredients are Wild Ginseng and Wild Ginger, and the taste is reminiscent of ginger ale.
Formula 208, 8 oz. $ 12.00

Formula 545
Cayce called this purifying formula a "Spring Tonic." We should take a bottle of this tonic each year to maintain health, he said, or for specific conditions of toxicity such as acne or other skin problems.
Formula 545, 8 oz. $ 9.50

Formulas 636 & 637
This is the most popular Cayce tonic. In reading 636-1 a woman asked Cayce how she could restore the natural color to her grey hair. Cayce suggested that she use the Crudoleum remedy in addition to this syrupy tonic. Formula 636, he said, would not only help restore the color to her hair, but improve the condition of her skin, nails, glands, and digestive tract! Formula 637 is a vegetarian version of the original 636, substituting yeast for liver extract, and honey for simple syrup. (Note: Formulas 636 and 637 contain Atomidine. If taken as directed, they provide one drop of Atomidine per day.)
Formula 636, 8 oz. $ 11.00
Formula 637, 8 oz. $ 12.00

One of Cayce's most gentle yet versatile remedies, this is an antiseptic and an alkalizer. It can be used to help prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms in a variety of ways. It may be consumed (3-10 drops in a glass of water 3 or 4 times a day) to aid the immune system, or used in a cold pack (using Cotton Flannel) for stuffy sinuses or sore throat. It is also makes a gentle yet highly effective douche.
Glycothymoline, 16 oz. $ 8.00

Gold Cream
Cayce often indicated that gold was good for the body; that it had a positive, rejuvenating effect. This facial cream formula was based on that concept, and contains Pure Lanolin, Glycerin, Peanut Oil, Distilled Water, Gold Chloride, and fragrance.
Gold Cream, 2 oz $18.00

Gold Rush Massage Oil
Great for sore spots and areas of poor circulation. This warming oil contains sassafras, olive, cederwood, wintergreen, and mineral oils.
Gold Rush Massage Oil, 4 oz. $7.00

Herbal Heat Rub
If you like your massage with penetrating heat, this is the oil for you. Great for rub downs after extreme physical activity or for rubbing into achy joints and muscles.
Herbal Heat Rub, 2 oz. $7.50

HPM Mouthwash
HPM stands for Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash, a powerful yet gentle oral cleanser. Lightly flavored with essential oils of cinnamon and clove, HPM is better-tasting than most commercial mouthwashes, and stronger too.
HPM Mouthwash, 15 oz.$4.75

Incense, Nag Champa
In our opinion, Nag Champa is the finest all-purpose incense made! Each box contains 15 sticks of this great smelling blend.
Nag Champa, box of 15 $1.75

This is an herbal laxative compound containing Senna, Buckthorn, Psyllium, Fennel, and Anise. Take it with plenty of water, and avoid regular use as any strong bowel stimulant may prove habit-forming. (It is best if it is used in conjunction with abdominal Castor Oil packs and/or colonic therapy.)
Innerclean, 80 tablets $ 5.25

An alcohol-based inhalant, this comes with plastic tubes enabling you to inhale the fumes straight from the bottle. These fumes soothe and purify the sinuses and bronchial passages, acting as an antiseptic to the respiratory system. Cayce recommended this for chronic respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies. Note: because it comes in an 8 oz. bottle, it appears to be half-full.
Inspirol, 4 oz. $ 8.00

A creamy iodine preparation often referred to in the readings, Iodex may be used as a topical cream for sores and infections. Cayce often recommended it for abnormal conditions (tumors, cysts) in the breasts, and for some skin problems.
Iodex, 1 oz. $ 7.25

Ipsab is a mixture of Iodine, Prickly Ash Bark, Calcium Chloride, and Peppermint Oil which act to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. It is massaged onto the teeth and gums, and may be used as often as needed.
Ipsab, 2 oz. $ 7.50

Ipsab Concentrate
The same formula as regular Ipsab, but with a higher proportion of active ingredients.
Ipsab Concentrate, 1 oz. $ 5.75

Ipsab Tooth Powder
Cayce said that baking soda and salt are hard to beat for keeping the mouth healthy. So the Heritage Store has made up this refreshing mixture of Baking Soda, Salt, Prickly Ash Bark, and Peppermint Oil. Use it instead of toothpaste!
Ipsab Tooth Powder, 4 oz $5.50

Ipsadent Mouth Rinse
A mouth rinse based upon the Ipsab formula, this is a solution of Ipsab lightly flavored with Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil, and Xylitol.
Ipsadent, 16 oz. $ 8.50

Ipsadent Oral Spray
Same as above but in a more convenient size for travel, with a spray top.
Ipsadent Oral Spray 2 oz. $3.50

Jerusalem Artichoke Tablets
While we don't think it is better than eating fresh Jerusalem Artichokes, at least these tablets don't disappear at the end of the season! Jerusalem Artichokes are a good source of inulin, a polysaccharide that Cayce indicated may help with various blood sugar problems, such as diabetes and hypoglycemia.
Jerusalem Artichoke
Tablets, 250 tablets
$ 10.00

A natrual moisturizer and conditioner derived from sheep's wool. It functions as a salve and locks in moisture while soothing your skin.
Lanolin, 4 oz. $3.75

Lavender Water
Splash or spray a little Lavender Water when you want a brief uplifting burst of lavender. The all-natural scent is not too strong and dissipates within minutes. Like other floral waters, Lavender Water is a tonic to the skin.
Lavender Water, 4 oz. $ 3.25

A solution of Calcium Hydroxide, Limewater can be a source of dietary calcium as well as a mild antacid. Cayce mentioned it mostly in regard to children, saying that it could help relieve nausea, and that a few drops in a baby's bottle can help prevent or reduce colic. Cayce said that a 1:1 mixture of limewater and cinnamon water would help reduce nausea.
Limewater, 4 oz. $ 4.50

Lithia Water
Recommended by Cayce as a diuretic and kidney purifier. Use this four ounce bottle to mix up a gallon of Lithia Water.
Lithia Water, 4 oz. $ 5.50

Mother Earth's Syrup
This is one of Cayce's herbal respiratory tonics and expectorants. It is delicious! It can relieve your cough and get at the source of the problem: a failure to eliminate toxins in the digestive tract. Some have said that this cough formula worked when nothing else would.
Mother Earth's Syrup, 4 oz $ 5.50

Muscle Treat
A combination of witch hazel, tincture of bensoin, coal, mineral, olive, and sassafras oils, this product is used to treat your sore muscles, backaches, sprains, and bruises by reducing pain and inflammation.
Muscle Treat liniment, 4 oz. $ 4.00

Olive Leaf Extract
Olive Leaf Extract has positive influences on both the cardiovascular and the immune systems.
Olive Leaf extract, 1 oz. $11.00

Olive Oil, extra-virgin
This product was found to be good for people both on the outside and inside. It reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. It's also called "a food for the intestines", and should be taken in small amounts. (Temporarily unavailable.)
Olive Oil, 16 oz. $10.00
32 oz. $15.00

Olive Oil Shampoo
Cayce said an olive oil castile soap was soothing for scalp and skin. This shampoo can also be used as a hand, face, or body soap. Available in plain and almond scent.
Olive Oil Shampoo, 8 oz $ 5.50
16 oz $ 8.75

Olive Oil Soap
Imported from Greece, this soap naturally cleanses and moisturizes all skin types and is made from the purest, natural ingredients: saponified olive oil, water, mineral salts and citric acid(a natural pH balancer).
Olive Oil Soap, 8oz. bar $4.00

Originally recommended for a person with blindness, Cayce said this formula could relieve toxicity and, along with improvements in diet and circulation, restore health to the eyes.
Optikade, 8 oz. $ 12.50

Passion Flower Fusion
Also known as maypop bitters, this simple tonic was suggested for cases of nervous stress, including insomnia and epilepsy. Cayce also suggested it as a mild stimulant to the liver and for improvement of general circulation.
Passion Flower Fusion, 16 oz $ 20.00

Patapar Paper
Cayce suggested that when vegetables are cooked, it's best that they are cooked in Patapar Paper to help retain their nutrients. Patapar Paper is reusable, and frequently used in gourmet restaurants.
Patapar Paper, 6 sheets $4.50

Peanut Oil
Cayce recommened this oil for the prevention and treatment of arthritis. It is also use for salads, cooking and baking.
Peanut Oils, 16 oz. (pt) $ 5.50
32 oz.(qt) $ 9.00
128 oz.(gal) $35.00

This is Cayce's special formulation for Athlete's Foot. It contains Coal Oil, Witch Hazel, and Sassafras Oil.
Pedicure, 2 oz. $ 5.50

Pine Tar Shampoo
This thin, non-sticky Pine Tar Shampoo will leave your hair clean and manageable. It gently removes oil build-ups from skin and hair, yet is not drying to hair or scalp.
Pine Tar Shampoo, 8 oz. $ 6.75
w/Olive Oil Shampoo, 8 oz. $ 5.75

Pine Tar Soap
This Pine Tar Soap has 6% pine tar, making it a strong antiseptic helpful for reducing acne. To treat acne, wash the affected areas with this soap to remove old skin oil and discourage infection-causing bacteria, then dry off and apply a drop or two of any fresh massage oil.
Pine Tar Soap, 3.5 oz. $ 4.50

Ragweed Tincture
An herbal, non-habitforming laxative, Cayce said Ragweed Tincture makes an excellent liver tonic (replacing Simmon's Liver Regulator, often referred to in the early readings), and can reduce the allergic effects of ragweed pollen.
Ragweed Tincture, 4 oz. $ 11.25

Ray's Medicated Liquid
This remedy was often referred to in the readings for the treatment of poison ivy, insect bites, acne, rashes, and other skin irritations.
Ray's Medicated Liquid, 4 oz. $ 7.25

Ray's Medicated Ointment
Similar to Ray's Liquid, but stronger. Cayce recommended this for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin irritations.
Ray's Medicated Ointment, 1 oz. $ 9.50

Rescue Remedy (Bach flower)
A gentle, safe, and effective way to relieve stress, this product is a homeopathic remedy. It is composed of five flower essences, developed to have a positive and calming effect as it restores your system's emotional balance. It is also good for cuts, bruises, tension headaches, and muscle injuries.
Rescue Remedy, 10ml $10.50
20ml $16.00
Rescue Remedy Cream, .9 oz $11.00

Surround yourself with the rich, nurturing scent of roses! Rosewater not only smells nice, but it also has a tonic effect upon the skin.
Rosewater, 4 oz. $ 3.25
8 oz. $ 5.00

Do you have any scars you would like to see disappear? Cayce said that camphorated oil (such as that contained in Scarmassage) would promote the regeneration of skin, eliminating scars! It may take up to two years for some scars to disappear, he said, but some may find an immediate improvement. Scarmassage comes in a moisturizing cream or in a convenient roll-on lotion.
Scarmassage cream, 2 oz. $ 5.00
roll-on, 4 oz. $ 6.75

Sodium Bromide
Cayce told some people who had arthritis, toxemia, or addictive disorders that the gold and soda treatment might help. To do this therapy, in a half glass of water add one drop of Gold Chloride (1 gr./oz.) and two drops of Sodium Bromide (2 gr./oz.). Drink immediately. Each day, for four more days, increase the gold drops by one and the sodium drops by two, so that on the fifth day the ratio is 5:10 gold to sodium. Leave off for two days, then begin again. Each bottle of Sodium Bromide needs to be diluted before use. Add one ounce of distilled water.
Sodium Bromide, 3 gr./oz, 2 oz $ 2.00

Sole Soother
For tired feet and legs, anyone who does alot of standing will benefit from this product. Cayce recommened this prodcut for anyone who needs relief from tired, aching feet. It contains: witch hazel, sassafras oil, and mineral oil in an alcohol base.
Sole Soother, 4 oz. $3.25

Sulflax is a non-habitforming laxative usually indicated as a treatment for skin conditions. It is made up of equal parts of Sulphur, Rochelle Salts, and Cream of Tartar. Sulphur, present in onions, garlic, and aloe vera, is thought to leach a wide variety of toxins from the system.
Sulflax, 2 oz. $ 6.25

Tea Tree Shampoo, 8 oz. $6.75

Temple Healer
Cayce suggested that tension headaches and even migraines could be relieved if one were to rub a few drops of this simple formula into the temples (and maybe a small amount at the base of the skull). Temple Healer contains tincture of lobelia (an antispasmodic) and spirits of camphor (a lymphatic stimulant).
Temple Healer, 2 oz. $ 6.00

Tiger Balm Liquid Liniment
A slightly different formula than the Tiger Balm Ultra with the same kind of results. Includes oil of wintergreen, menthol, eucalyptus oil, spike lavender oil and light mineral oil.
Tiger Balm Liquid Liniment, 2 oz. $8.25

Tiger Balm Ultra Rub
A non-staining, ultra strength, pain, relieving ointment. Soothes backaches, stiffness, joint pains, arthritis, sprains and any other aches and pains. Especially good for sports injuries. Active ingredients: menthol, camphor. Other ingredients: Cajeput oil, dementholized min oil, clove oil and cassia oil in a paraffin base.
Tiger Balm Ultra Rub, 18g $6.50

Tim Ointment
Sometimes thought of as just a treatment for varicose veins and hemorrhoids, Tim is an ointment that is good for just about any skin irritation, including abrasions and boils. Tim contains Menthol (0.1%), Tobacco, Butterfat, Iodine, and Benzoin.
Tim Ointment, 1 oz. $ 7.50

Valerian Tincture
This herb has been used for thousands of years as a muscle and nerve relaxant. Cayce recommended it in over 200 readings, usually for conditions of stress occuring with toxemia.
Valerian Tincture, 4 oz. $ 13.25

Vibratory Massager
Cayce recommended the use of vibratory massage in nearly 400 readings. An electric vibrator stimulates circulation in the body's tissues, which is important because good circulation is a key to good health and essential for proper assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.
Vibratory Massager, w/5 attachments $ 30.00

Vicco Toothpaste
Vicco Toothpaste is a concentrated Ayurvedic formula for dental care that contains many herbs (including Prickly Ash), and even Calcium Carbonate, the substance that makes up tooth enamel. Vicco's gentle abrasion whitens and polishes teeth, and since it is an herbal mixture, it tastes good mostly like Fennel Seed (a licorice-tasting spice).
Vicco Toothpaste, 3 oz. $ 3.50

White Balsam
This soothing powder is great for any rash - on babies or on adults. It is very good for relieving itching and irritation, and was suggested in cases of acne, eczema, pruritis, psoriasis, and shingles.
White Balsam, 5 oz. $ 5.50

14 Herb Tea
14 Herb Tea is delicious, containing such general-purpose healing herbs as Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Sarsaparilla, Wild Cherry Bark, Ginseng, and more.
14 Herb Tea, 50 bags $ 4.25
Bulk (1 lb.) $ 16.00

Cinnamon Tea
This cinnamon spice tea may be used to brew "cinnamon water," which Cayce recommended as a treatment for nausea. Most of the time the cinnamon water was combined with Limewater (calcium carbonate solution) for relief of nausea.
Cinnamon Tea, 50 bags $ 4.25
Bulk (1 lb.) $ 16.00
Cleansing Tea
Previously called "fasting tea," this blend of diuretic herbs brings both cleansing and energy to your body, and also happens to be very good for treating urinary tract infections (or just keeping the urinary system in good shape).
Cleansing Tea, 50 bags $ 4.50
Bulk (1 lb.) $ 16.00

Chaparral Tea
Native Americans have used the leaves of the Chaparral for centuries to stimulate the body's healing process. It is exceptionally bitter; use only one pinch per pot of tea.
Chaparral Tea, 4 oz., loose $ 4.00
Bulk (1 lb.) $ 10.00

Mullein Leaves Tea
Cayce said a tea made from Mullein Leaves will improve the circulation (including varicose veins) and will improve conditions in the tissues of the digestive tract. A Mullein Leaf poultice, placed over the kidneys, was recommended to break up kidney stones.
Mullein, 2 oz, loose $ 2.50

Pau D'Arco Tea
Used by the native peoples of South America, this exotic, pleasant tasting tea is a detoxifier, good for boosting the immune response. Pau D'Arco is also known as Taheebo Bark, Ipe Roxo, and Purple Lapacho.
Pau D'Arco Tea, 50 bags $ 4.50
Bulk (1 lb.) $ 16.00

Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea is a delicious digestive aid and relaxant.
Peppermint Tea, 50 bags $ 3.50
Bulk (1 lb.) $ 12.00

Prickly Ash Bark Tea
Used by Native Americans and recommended by Cayce, a tea made from this bark is soothing for upset stomachs and good for the teeth and gums. Prickly Ash Bark stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, and because of this it is an ingredient often found in modern herbal formulas.
Prickly Ash Bark Tea, 3 oz, loose $ 4.50
Bulk (1 lb.)$20.00
Relaxing Tea
Relaxing Tea contains herbs that are believed to relieve stress: Peppermint, Catnip, Chamomile, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, and Skullcap.
Relaxing Tea, 50 bags $ 4.25
Bulk (1 lb.)$ 16.00

Slippery Elm Bark Tea
(Elm Water)

Let a pinch of this Elm Bark steep for 3 minutes in cold water, then drink it once a day for aid in recovering from digestive difficulties, stomach ulcers, or psoriasis. In serious cases, Cayce said, drink it as often as you drink water.
Slippery Elm Bark Tea, 2 oz, powder $ 4.50
Bulk (1 lb.) $20.00

Saffron Tea
Cayce recommended this tea (also known as Safflower Tea) for soothing the digestive tract. He called it "almost an intestinal antiseptic."
Saffron Tea, 2 oz, loose $ 3.75
Bulk (1 lb.)$ 20.00

Watermelon Seed Tea
Cayce recommended Watermelon Seed Tea as a strong but gentle diuretic. It stimulates the kidneys and bladder, and can eliminate a urinary tract infection. Use one pinch of tea per cup and let steep for 15 minutes.
Watermelon Seed Tea, 4 oz, loose $ 5.50

Benzoin, Compound Tincture, 2 oz. $2.50

Camphor, Crystalline, 1 oz. $6.00

Mutton Tallow, 2 oz. $2.25

Myrrh Tincture, 4 oz. $11.00

Tolu Balsam Tincture, 2 oz. $3.75

Turpentine Oil, 2 oz. $3.00

Turpentine Spirits, 2 oz.3.00

Cayce Energy Devices

Cayce Books - Cayce Remedies - Quick Index

Carbon Steel
According to Cayce, a small piece of Carbon Steel carried in a front pants pocket will help ionize the body and prevent colds and congestion. Our customers say this really works, and add that it can also help relieve allergy symptoms and provide the body with more energy. The Carbon Steel is about an inch long and half an inch wide. It comes with a small hole in it for threading it to either a keychain for the pocket or leather strip for a necklace. (It still seems to work when worn as a necklace.) We don't know why a piece of metal would have this effect, but Carbon Steel is also used in the core of the Radio-Active Appliance which can create similar, if more profound, results.
Carbon Steel $4.00

Radio-Active Appliance
This simple but unique device is one of the most important health aids presented in the Edgar Cayce readings. It is a tool that you can use to stimulate the regeneration of your body, mind, and spirit! The Radio-Active Appliance is an energy device that looks like a battery, but it is neither a battery nor radio-active. It appears to be more of an energy filter, taking your body's own electromagnetic energy - which is like a radio signal - and filtering out the noise. This fresh signal is then returned to your body to guide it as it replenishes and renews itself. Cayce recommended this device in hundreds of readings for relief of mental stress, tense muscles, memory loss, poor circulation, arthritis, epilepsy, and more. He indicated that the Radio-Active Appliance could, in time, bring about complete regeneration of the entire body, including the brain. If you meditate on a regular basis, you may want to use this device to improve your meditations. Not only does it provide a deeper sense of relaxation and refreshment, but Cayce said it can act as a spiritual guide. When it filters your body energies, it brings you closer to the Creative Forces, to perfect harmony. As your spiritual harmony increases, Cayce said, each day you use the device may seem like a lucky day!

The Radio-Active Appliance is easy to use. Set it in a bucket of ice and let it cool. Then attach the two electrodes to your body. Spend about 20-60 minutes focusing your thoughts upon things that are spiritually uplifting. You can meditate, listen to relaxing music, read scripture, or say healing affirmations. Then detach the electrodes and you are done! There is very little to wear out or replace with your Radio-Active Appliance. We have concentrated on quality construction. For instance, this appliance case is made of thick, sturdy copper so it will cool quickly in the ice and resist damage. Our intention is to provide a device that will last a lifetime.

The Radio-Active Appliance kit contains one heavy-duty copper-cased cell, two small electrodes, one large electrode, emery paper and a booklet that presents the information in the Cayce readings pertaining to the device. One final, important note about this exceptional healing tool is that each device can only be used by a single person. This is because the carbon steel rods of each device attune themselves to the vibrations of the user. If it should happen that the device is ever used by a second person this attunement is spoiled and the vibrations created by the device will only irritate the nervous system of all users, including the original user. Because of this characteristic, we regret to say that once our Radio-Active Appliances are sold they cannot be returned.

Radio-Active Appliance $ 170.00

Violet Ray
The Violet Ray appliance was not invented by Cayce, though he referenced it more than 800 times. Actually, it owes more to the genius of Nikola Tesla. The Violet Ray is a specific kind of high-frequency electrical unit that has been used in America for about 75 years to improve health and beauty. By relaxing the nerves it stimulates circulation in the body and removes tension from over-stressed muscles. Cayce recommended it for many illnesses, including psoriasis, baldness, cataracts, arthritis, nervous tension, nearsightedness, and more. Basically, it seems to energize and normalize the body's nerve forces, which in turn control the health and energy supply of the muscles, glands, and organs of the body. A General Applicator bulb comes with the device, and this bulb is suitable for most any need you might have. However, two other bulbs are available. To help the applicator slide smoothly over the skin, apply a small amount of a body powder, like White Balsam.
Violet Ray $ 170.00
Violet Ray Applicators: General, Comb, Rod (each) $25.00

Wet Cell
Cayce's Wet Cell is similar to the Radio-Active Appliance, but there are two important differences. The Wet Cell doesn't filter your body energies, but it does add a very slight electrical charge to your body. Cayce indicated the Wet Cell is best for use with many conditions of low energy and debilitation, like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, severe toxemia, arthritis, blindness, deafness, cancer, coma, abnormal prostate conditions, immune deficiency, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, scleroderma, and much more. The Wet Cell comes in a kit that includes everything you need except for the therapeutic solutions. One Standard Recharge Kit, one Solution Jar and one empty jar is included with your Wet Cell kit. Note that the therapeutic solutions, Solution Jars, and Recharge Kits need to be renewed on a regular basis.
Wet Cell $ 170.00

Wet Cell Recharge Kits
The Wet Cell requires a replacement of its charging solution each month. This "recharging" is done by pouring out the old solution and mixing up a new one. All that is needed is a gallon and a half of distilled water and one of our premeasured Recharge Kits. We have made our Standard Recharge Kits conform with the Wet Cell construction reading [1800-25]. Standard Kit: 1 Copper Sulphate (1.5 lbs.), 1 diluted Sulfuric Acid (4oz.) and 1 Common Zinc strip (30 grains).
Standard Recharge Kit $ 9.00

Therapeutic Solutions for the Solution Jars
Some remedies used in conjunction with the Radio-Active Appliance and Wet Cell need a specific therapeutic solution for proper treatment.
Gold Chloride
Most commonly used as a therapeutic solution for the Wet Cell and Radio-Active appliances, it was also recommended by Cayce for use with Sodium Bromide to remove toxins and eliminate addictive behavior.
Gold Chloride, 1 grain/oz., 3 oz. $ 10.00

Silver Nitrate
Silver Nitrate is used as a therapeutic solution for the Wet Cell and Radio-Active Appliance. It is believed to stimulate and rebuild the nervous system.
Silver Nitrate, 3 oz. $20.00

Camphor Spirits, 4 oz. $5.50

Iron Tincture, 3 oz. $6.50

Cayce Corner Books

Cayce Energy Devices - Cayce Remedies - Quick Index

Jesus: A Closer Walk
William A. McGarey, MD, gives his interpretation of what Cayce considered the most important section of the Bible: the Book of John, 14-17. Said Cayce, " If we as individuals will but look about us, as to the ways of man and his knowledge of those things that go to make up the elemental influences in the earth, we can see and experience that as the Master gave ...." [262-93]
Jesus: A Closer Walk $ 9.95

Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing
Summaries of Cayce's therapies for 190 common ailments, with a substantial appendix giving information on the remedies Cayce used and case histories. The A.R.E. Clinic's Education department recommends this book to all medical professionals and anyone interested in health care.
Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing $ 6.99

Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy
Hundreds of practical health tips from the Cayce readings, including diet, basic massage techniques, and exercises. The A.R.E. Clinic's Education department recommends this book for anyone wishing to apply Cayce's methods at home.
Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy $ 14.95

Edgar Cayce Home Medicine Guide
This book has long been the standard reference for Cayce remedies that are commercially available, such as Atomidine and Scarmassage, as well as obscure therapies, such as the Elliott Treatment.
Edgar Cayce Home Medicine Guide $ 10.95

Edgar Cayce Remedies
A basic approach to healing, addressing the body system by system. Written by one of the key figures in the research and application of the Cayce readings, this helpful book has been translated into 7 languages.
Edgar Cayce Remedies $ 6.99

Heal Arthritis
The most complete, authoritative approach to the cure of arthritis, using the methods given in the Cayce readings.
"Arthritis is ever a result, not a cause; only a condition from lack of the proper balance in elements within the body itself." [443-4]
Heal Arthritis $ 12.95

Healing Miracles: Using Your Body Energies
See how people use their own energies to achieve spiritual, psychological, and physical healing.
"For, with every thought as is given out there is the corresponding good and evil, for thoughts are deeds and may become either miracles or destructive forces, depending upon how they are used by the individual in their inner selves." [254-12]
Healing Miracles: Using Your Body Energies $ 8.95

Healing Psoriasis
A demonstration (with before and after photos) of the effectiveness of Cayce's remedies for psoriasis and eczema.
Healing Psoriasis $ 24.95

In Search of Healing
Dr. William McGarey's inspiring book on the way healing is manifested in the body, mind, and spirit.
"THAT is the ideal, and the source of all healing. For, as has just been indicated, - body, mind, soul or spirit are one ...." [2528-2]
In Search of Healing $ 12.00

The Oil That Heals
Stories of the many ways in which castor oil has promoted healing, by William A. McGarey, MD, a founding doctor of the A.R.E. Clinic and the American Holistic Medical Association.
The Oil That Heals $ 12.95

Edgar Cayce's Guide to Colon Care
An instructor from the A.R.E.'s Reilly School of Massotherapy explains the ins and outs of colonic therapy and colon care. :o)
Edgar Cayce's Guide to Colon Care $ 19.95

The Story of Edgar Cayce: There Is A River
The classic story of Edgar Cayce - now with photos - telling of how the young Cayce grew up and first evidenced his strange powers, through the years of trials and troubles to his death, having given the world a legacy of over 14,000 astonishing psychic readings on the subjects of health and spirituality.
The Story of Edgar Cayce: There Is A River $ 6.95

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