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The A.R.E.'s
Core Team Presents...

June 12, 1999

Lenore Culin


Tempe, Arizona

Creative Attunements
Color & Music for Total Wellbeing
"Music, color, vibration are all a part of the planets, just as the planets are a part – and a pattern – of the universe." - Edgar Cayce
Colors, imagery, and brilliant soundscapes serve as springboards for your imagination, as you join Lenore Culin for an exploration of creativity and attunement. In this experiential presentation, you will be guided through an attunement to an ascending scale of vibratory influences.
Know that each experience of attunement is different. Wherever you are in your personal process, whatever your faith or belief, your ascent through the scale of vibratory energies will help you release patterns of limitation. You will develop inner harmony and peace as you expand to embrace many aspects of your being.
Through the process of guided vibratory ascension you will gain in self-awareness. Your enhanced awareness then becomes available for daily activities, relaxation, and creativity. As you allow your uniqueness to unfold, your higher vibration assists in the improvement of the quality of all life on Earth.
This workshop will be a fun, informative - and sometimes amazing - celebration of our true heritage and place in the universe. Join us for a reconnection to Self and Soul.

Lenore Culin

Lenore Culin is an educator, therapist, and media artist. Her “Attunement” system combines color, music, imagery and intention to restore inner harmony and develop personal potential.

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June 12, 1999
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Book tables open at 1:00 pm.

Pyle Adult Recreation Center
655 E. Southern, Tempe

This is a free program, but your contributions will help us to sponsor more quality programs in the future.

For more information please call:
Dorothy Gordon

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