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August 21, 1999

Janice Soares

Energy Healing:
Awakening the Great Healer Within

Scottsdale, Arizona

Energy Healing
Awakening the Great Healer Within
"The healing must be from within. Would we heal others, we must first heal ourselves." - Edgar Cayce
Energy Healing - the healing art known as "laying on of hands" - is perhaps the oldest method of medicine known to man. Energy Healing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular alternative health modalities, and it can complement a more conventional medical approach.
Energy Healing through laying on of hands has appeared in many cultures and under many different names. You may already be familiar with many similar forms of Energy Healing, such as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tibetan Pulsation, Magnetic Healing, and Spiritual Healing.
Energy Healing works because everything in our universe is made up of energy. Ancient and modern peoples have perceived this energy and called it the Life Force, Vital Force, Divine Energy, Ch'i, Ki, Prana, Mana, Orenda, Ruach, Barraka, the Creative Forces, and the Wisdom of Nature.
Because everything is made up of energy, each thing has its own vibration. Vibrational or Energy Healing methods work by rebalancing disturbances of structure and energy flow through the practice of attunement. To be most effective, an Energy Healer must cultivate a sensitivity to the changing patterns of our multidimensional interactive energy fields.
While it may sound difficult, Energy Healing is actually very natural and easy. Anyone can learn how to resonate with healing vibrations. In this fun, experiential workshop, you will explore several different methods of energy healing, learn how to attune yourself to Divine Life Force Energy, and discover how to use basic energy healing for yourself and others.

Janice Soares

Janice Soares is a Reiki Master Teacher, and has studied with many luminaries of the Energy Healing field such as Barbara Brennan, Dolores Kreiger, and Cay Randall-May. In her private practice she combines various forms of Energy Healing with nutrition and herbal supplements.

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August 21, 1999
Energy Healing
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Book tables open at 1:00 pm.

Scottsdale Senior Center
7375 E. 2nd Street, Scottsdale

This is a free program, but your contributions will help us to sponsor more quality programs in the future.

For more information please call:
Dorothy Gordon
(602) 970-0419

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